Two Tips to Stay Ahead of the Competition on Social Media

Think of your favourite popular brand. Does it have a Facebook page? Most likely, it does. There are thousands upon thousands of companies, businesses of all sizes, service providers and public figures that have a presence online. We don’t need to reiterate that everyone is becoming social media savvy with their business or brand, if they aren’t so already.

While two tips may not seem like a whole lot, we’re going to give you a fresh new perspective on how these two simple factors can play a huge role in helping you tower above the mountain of competitors online.

Don’t expect a step-by-step guide on how to make your page become the new trending sensation on social media. Instead, we’re aiming to stir up original thoughts and ideas that you can use as a springboard to launch into your own direction for success. So, let’s get started. Continue reading

How to Check if Your Internet Connection is Secure

When you’re surfing the internet, has it ever occurred to you that prying eyes may be watching the information you’re sending and receiving online?

One of the most effective ways of countering this and ensuring data security is through internet encryption. Unfortunately, it’s a subject very few people are familiar with. It’s designed to protect the confidentiality of digital data stored on computer systems or transmitted via the web and other computer networks.

Internet encryption involves the translation of data into a secret code. In order to read an encrypted file you must have access to a secret key or a password, which enables you to decrypt it. Ultimately, this makes it much harder for other internet users to see what information you’re transmitting via the web.

Without encrypted internet connections, vital data like your bank account details, business transactions and credit card numbers, even your relationship problems, would be visible to other people using the same network as you, including internet service providers and governments. Just imagine while you’re checking your bank account, especially if you’re using a wireless connection or a public Wi-Fi hotspot, someone else could be spying on you and checking your account too! One way to avoid this is by ensuring that when you visit a website, you do so over a secure connection. Continue reading

DASH Independence Colour Run 2018 will be BRIGHTER and more colourful than ever!

DASH Colour Run is one of the most popular fun runs in Saint Lucia. It takes place in February and is done in celebration of Saint Lucia’s independence.

We met with co-founders, Dione Benn and Robberta ‘Rob’ Rose and they spoke in vivid detail about their brand and what we should expect from DASH Colour Run 2018.

Dazzle: What is DASH Colour Run all about?

Dione: DASH Colour Run is the happiest 5k walk, run or chip to ever hit Saint Lucia. It is different from all the other walks and runs that happen here because we cater to every age demographic. We infused our West Indian party vibe on the route, which starts from Massy Mega (Choc) to Rodney Bay. We have a music truck on the road and we have one of the best party DJs – Hollywood HP. Its good, clean fun for 5k.

Dazzle: How did it start?

Dione: We saw colour runs happening all over the world and we decided, why not adapt it to Saint Lucia; and what better way to incorporate it than it being an independence run involving everyone from the kids, to the older generation.

Continue reading

Try Citrus – It’s Great for Your Health

We eat, and we barely focus on why we’re eating certain things. We know the basics … fruits and vegetables are good for us, but we don’t take time to
find out how beneficial they are to us.

The difficulty in sticking to a diet is something we’ve all faced. Whether or not it’s a healthy one, we all have a diet. For most people, citrus fruits are part of that diet. Citrus is commonly known as a good source of vitamin C, but there is more to it than that. Continue reading

How to Overcome a Creative Block

It’s happened to the best of us, at the worst of times – creative block! Whether you’re a food caterer enticing your would-be customers with exotic dishes, a graphic designer showcasing their most creative inventions, a hair stylist promoting your business with extraordinary styles or you’re launching a brand new product with your own unique style and brand – there will be seasons of highs and lows for inspiration.

Creativity can also be expressed in your marketing strategy. It requires thinking outside the box by trying new and different strategies to reach your desired business goals. The question is, however – what do you do when slammed with a wave of dwindling creativity in the middle of a project? Continue reading

Reenergizing the Local Party Experience

Since its emergence on the local entertainment scene, Blueprint Weekend looks set to become one of St. Lucia’s most anticipated party events. Patterned after the popular  Dream

Weekend event in Jamaica, Blueprint Weekend is basically a weekend getaway consisting of three days of back-to-back party events and shows featuring popular genres of music and performances by local artistes, plus lots to eat and drink.

The inaugural Blueprint Weekend was held this year from April 28 – 30 (Friday to Sunday). It kicked off with the Ultimate All-White GLOW Party at ZEN on the Friday. The following day the patrons moved on to Sundance at Pigeon Point to continue the fun, and the next day (Sunday) they rounded it off with the Pump at Pigeon Island, a first-of-its-kind event featuring floats.

Dazzle caught up with Katama Elibox, the Managing Director of Blueprint Entertainment, and she was happy to chat about the inspiration behind the event and what the experience was like for her patrons.

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Change Your Environment before it Destroys You

Your physical space is a reflection of your mental state. In order to be efficient, your environment must facilitate your vision.

The most important space to begin with is your head. This is where your dreams are born and if you are not careful, where they may perish.

It is said that the very brain which designs and builds bridges over chasms also has the ability to cripple a man. Clear out your mind. Get rid of self-defeating, limiting thoughts.

Forgive yourself and others for past mistakes. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts of advancement, good books, videos and podcasts, and other inspiring content daily. Continue reading

Heineken presents Heineken Light: The journey starts here

Heineken is well known for its association with St. Lucia’s renowned music festival; St. Lucia Jazz. Throughout the past decades,

Heineken has supported several cultural initiatives in St Lucia, and 2017 is no different! Heineken was a proud Gold Sponsor of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, the first of many exciting events for SOLEIL Saint Lucia Summer Festival 2017.

Heineken has surprised its consumers by presenting Heineken Light – a new, refreshing, low calorie and low bitterness option. Heineken Light has less than 65 Calories per serving in each 25cl bottle. Heineken Light was judged “the best tasting low calorie light lager” at the 2013/2014 World Beer Championships, and it has been winning the hearts and minds of its patrons ever since. Continue reading

Tropical Shipping – Leading the Way in Freight Service and Innovation

The name Tropical Shipping has become synonymous with superior service. That’s because after providing regular container and ocean-transport services from North

America to the Caribbean for more than 50 years, the company has become the undisputed market leader in the regional shipping business.

Established in 1963, the Florida based company owned by the Saltchuk Company based in Seattle, runs a fleet of 15 steamships specialising in on-time and reliable shipping services. Tropical Shipping’s foreign flag fleet provides service from Canada to the Caribbean, serving 28 islands in the region from Guyana to Puerto Rico, to the Bahamas and destinations in between.

Tropical Shipping’s freight-shipping services are specifically designed to provide their customers with full service cargo logistics, warehousing and consolidation, as well as cargo insurance, using state- of-the-art facilities in select seaside ports. Continue reading

Chia Seeds: Tiny with Huge Nutritional Value

Chia seeds are fast becoming one of the most popular foods among health conscious people all over the world. Hailed as a ‘superfood’, they are packed with nutrients and have many health benefits.

Chia seeds are tiny, black and oval-shaped, with a smooth texture. They are native to Mexico and Guatemala, and were highly valued for their medicinal properties and nutritional value by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. ‘Chia’ is actually the ancient Mayan word for ‘strength.’

Here are some amazing health benefits that can be gained from chia seeds.

Good for the heart

Chia seeds have the ability to reverse inflammation, regulate cholesterol and even lower blood pressure. When consumed regularly they can help to reduce your chances of developing oxidative  stress. Continue reading


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