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Pas Jalou – there’s Great Swimwear for Everyone

When a lifelong passion for swimwear meets determination, only one thing can result; Pas Jalou Swimwear, the brainchild of Kashima Montoute. Born and raised in the Caribbean, Kashima saw a gap in the market that presented the opportunity to cater not just to women seeking regular swimwear, but also to men, plus-size women and kids.

“It’s swimwear to suit the everyday person” says Kashima. Her goal was to create a brand whereby anyone who needs to purchase beachwear can find something that suits their taste. Continue reading

Vivre La Belle – Blazing a Trail of Innovation for Local Beauticians

Tasha and Queenie aren’t new to the business and they’ve certainly made a name for themselves. Their entrepreneurial journey started in 2014 where Vivre La Belle came to be, providing hair and makeup services.

“We don’t just sell stuff. We’re like a blog, kind of,” said Tasha. “We basically have a platform where we allow other beauticians to showcase their work.” Continue reading

Celebrating the One-of-a-Kind BodyB Wired Bra

Nicole Joseph started it all when she decided to make something she could wear for carnival in Trinidad. We all know how costly jumping carnival could be—too expensive—even in your own country. Still, that doesn’t deter carnival enthusiasts who want to join a band and enjoy the experience. She made a quick decision to make her own wire bra and one picture online set everything else off.

“I’ve always been a creative person. Even as a kid,” said Nicole. “I was into beauty and fashion, and I love carnival. I like to work with my hands, especially if it saves me money.” Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Stepping Up Professionally

There are plenty of articles that one can find in Dazzle Magazine or online about how to progress as a professional. Fear not, we have compiled some quick tips for you to consider on your journey to entrepreneurial success.


Set long and short-term goals

You hear it all the time; follow your dreams, achieve your goals. But have you actually sat down and taken the time to plan both the short-term and long-term goals for your business? Newcomers to the field of entrepreneurship often make the mistake of being short-sighted in their decisions. While it sometimes does take a stroke of luck for a long-term venture to pull through, you can increase your chances and be more prepared when you make decisions that will benefit you and your business in the long run.

So instead of buying something shiny and new that caught your eye today, invest in something that will bring you many returns over time. Even in this, there must be a balance as you would not want to invest everything into a long-term project that may take too long to be rewarding. The key to wise investing is to define realistic, growth oriented, short-term goals that will drive you to meet your long-term goals.

  Continue reading

6 Ways to Master the Art of Marketing

As an entrepreneur, one needs to be familiar with individuals who have succeeded – and continue to succeed – in their fields. Whether you think of Jeff Bezos, Sean Combs, Richard Branson or Bill Gates, they have all been established as titans in entrepreneurship. While the grandeur of their success and work ethics may seem daunting to the aspiring entrepreneur, there are very simple techniques that they follow religiously to not only get to the top, but to stay there. Following are some tips to help you chart your own road to success. 


People always buy the benefit, not the feature

It is okay to be different, innovative and unique. Your product or service can have jaw-dropping features and perks, however, if what you are selling is of no benefit to the consumer, why should they care about it? A feature may be authentically attractive, but if it does not improve upon the consumer’s way of life, chances are they would not be willing to pay money for it.


Remember to listen to feedback

Always keep your ears to the ground. Most entrepreneurs you ask will tell you that one of the reasons they got into the business in the first place is to fulfil a need or fill a gap in the market. If you are making a product for a consumer, it is sensible to think that their advice would be key in developing your product or service and improving its overall quality.

  Continue reading

Women vs Men in the Workplace

We hear it all the time: “Times have changed,” and this is most certainly true when we think of ‘women in business’.

Today we see women making outstanding moves in fields known to be dominated by men for centuries. However, most of us are aware that this wasn’t always the case. It’s no doubt been a long and arduous journey for women to establish themselves as equals in the labour force.

For the most part, women have come a long way from being oppressed, both in the home and the workplace. Men and women have always been at odds with each other in society. Society has been harsh to both genders, in some cases. Men have always had to keep up this façade of being the ‘one in charge’, in every situation possible. They needed to be the man of the house at home, the boss at work and nothing less than strong and masculine in between. Women weren’t the only ones with difficulties finding their footing. Continue reading

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Trans-Humanism

The rudimentary ideas of ground-breaking advancements in technology were once reserved only for the world of science fiction. From the imaginative minds behind sci-fi classics like the Terminator, Robo-Cop, I-Robot and Chappie, to name a few – not many believed they would be witnessing the inclusion of artificial intelligence models in the makeup of our strangely modern, brave new world. In the progression of this techno-revolution that appears now to be unstoppable, sights are set on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, trans-humanism and biometrics. In a subtle manner, it has crept in all around us. It’s in our smartphones and smart televisions, tablets and iPads, smart 3D headphones, credit cards and RFID scanners, to name a few. Yet, amidst the glamour of a promised tech-utopia, critics are sceptical over the true motives of leading technology moguls of artificial intelligence, and whether their presence will serve to benefit or deficit mankind. Continue reading

The Changing Nature of Advertising

Advertising hasn’t changed so much as it has evolved.

The advertising industry has been in existence far longer than anyone reading this could possibly imagine. According to Mashable. com, the earliest records of advertising date back to 2000 BC, when Egyptians would carve public notices into steel structures for many to see. Fast forward about 4000 years and advertisements come to us through our phones, computers and other mediums.

It wasn’t terribly long ago either when flyers stuck to light poles was the norm for advertising a party, a missing animal or property for sale. As testament to the growth of the industry, ads of this nature are more common on Instagram, a strictly photo/ video platform. On a much larger scale, we’d see billboards with a variety of business types all grabbing commuters’ attention. Even those have evolved from the static billboard to dynamic digital ones with multiple ads, all rotating throughout the day.

Regardless of what the time period is, small and large businesses alike engage in some form of advertising, often times, more than one at a time. Continue reading

Get More Done With this Simple Routine

Successful people, especially the famous ones, seem to squeeze an unimaginable amount of stuff into their 24 hours that most of us can’t seem to comprehend. It’s something that
we’d all aspire to as an ideal.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably aware that your daily routine isn’t as structured as you need it to be. We all have plenty of things that need to be done often so that we can fulfill our needs and wants, and achieve goals. Having your day planned out is a great way to get more done and feel more satisfied with your days. Here are a few steps to guide you to the organised path.

Decide Your Day’s Workload
This doesn’t have to be done all in one sitting. Pro Tip: Carry around a small notebook and make notes as things come along throughout your day. What’s important is that you jot down everything that you do daily. Don’t forget to include the things that you should be doing but never get the time to do … like that online course you’ve been meaning to start or that fitness program you’ve put off for so long. Continue reading

Essential Hardware; Everything You Need in Building Supplies

Established in July of 1999, Essential Hardware Limited (EHL) continues to be the company to trust for all your building needs for almost two decades. This long-standing company

is part of Gafsons Group of Companies, which also operates in Guyana, Barbados and Grenada. When it was first established, Essential Hardware planned to establish a branch in major communities around St. Lucia. Today, apart from its Industrial Estate, Vieux Fort Administrative Offices, Warehouse and Retail Outlet, there are branches in Vieux Fort, Cul D’Sac/ Bexon Highway, Bois D’Orange, Vieux Fort/Laborie Highway, Rodney Heights and Soufriere.

“Our bright new store at Rodney Heights caters exclusively to customers in the North with a wide range of Hardware, Electrical, Plumbing, Household, and Home and Garden products, it is also a Berger Paints Colour Centre”. Mr. Colin Sookdeo, Sales Manager when asked what is unique about the
Rodney Heights Branch, he responded that “we’re providing convenient shopping, offering a wide variety of products in a modern store environment with extended hours, supported by courteous and efficient staff.” Continue reading

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