The Power of Motivation in Achieving Business Success


All too often we hear people say that the ultimate thing that motivates them to perform successfully at their job is a lucrative salary. Is financial compensation really the primary motivating factor for an employee? If your answer to this is yes, then you may want to think again after reading this article.

Motivation, according to the Merriam-Webster Concise Encyclopedia, is defined as “factors within a human being that arouse and direct goal-oriented behaviour.”  First one must identify their needs and what they hope to achieve from being part of an organisation. Continue reading

123 Digital Limited Brings Dazzle To SVG


Award-winning Saint Lucian-produced publication, Dazzle Magazine, is spreading its influence further afield. Earlier this month, the first issue of Dazzle Magazine SVG rolled off the presses in neighbouring Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Dazzle Magazine
is the brainchild of Irvine Springer and Rankin Morgan of 123 Digital Limited, a Saint Lucian digital technology-based company nearly two years old. Springer is the company’s Finance Director, while Morgan serves as Managing Director. 123 Digital Limited won the Idea of the Year Award at the 2013 St. Lucia Business Awards held last January. Dazzle Magazine, the Saint Lucian version, was unveiled just months before the award came. Nevertheless, it seems that ever since the release of the publication, there’s no stopping its popularity. Now Saint Vincent and the Grenadines can boast having one of the most interesting and eagerly-anticipated magazines within the region. Continue reading

SLYBT Educates and Empowers Young Entrepreneurs


“Our mission is to foster development, growth and innovation in our economy by enabling young entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, hopes and aspirations”.

With this mission at the forefront of its efforts, The Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) has continued to engage young entrepreneurs, potential young entrepreneurs and the general public through its activities.

As part of its activities for Youth Month 2013, the SLYBT held a financial management presentation, which had as the featured speaker, Mr. Ryan Mack, a financial advisor, youth mentor and motivator based in the USA.

The presentation was held at the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce conference room on April 25 and it was made to the SLYBT applicants for 2013. This event was geared at motivating and inspiring them throughout the application process. It was also aimed at instilling in them a sense of financial responsibility as it relates to their personal and professional development. RISE (St. Lucia) Inc. invited Mr Mack to St Lucia to address the youths. He also took part in various youth-related activities around the island.

In attendance at the presentation were five SLYBT loan applicants (two females and three males) along with Ms. Gemma Moses of RISE (St. Lucia) Inc, Mr. Rankin Morgan, editor of Dazzle Magazine, Mr. Sudhakaran Kulapura, financial comptroller for Northwest Ltd and SLYBT mentor. The event was hosted by the SLYBT Officer, Mr. Dyrud Lionel. Continue reading

How to Survive and Thrive in Business


These are hard economic times we are in.  And while phrases like “belt tightening measures, fiscal cliff and austerity measures” are being bandied around, signs that say “Closing Down Sale, Store Closing and Everything Must Go” are popping up all over. These are especially trying times for start-up, small and medium size enterprises.  Their ability to survive and thrive is being sorely tested and many of them are failing.   Many proprietors are closing their doors, waiting for better economic conditions.  But is that the only option?   NO!  If anything, these challenging times call for well-developed plans and well-defined problem solving approaches.

The success of navigating your business through economic uncertainty lies in your ability to realign your business with current economic realities.  And here I introduce the critical tool for success – STRATEGIC PLANNING!  The strategic planning process will allow your organization to make better business decisions that minimize risks and seize opportunities.  Even in tough economic times, there are opportunities to be taken advantage of. Continue reading

Behold, the Power of Twitter


What is all this “tweeting” about?  What are these social media websites that people seem to be so obsessed with?  While social media sites are often viewed as “those things all the kids are fanatical about these days,” they are actually more powerful and effective than many people realise.  Although the younger generations often use such platforms for fun activities like chatting with friends, posting pictures and videos and general horse-play, Twitter offers businesses and professionals virtually unrestricted access to an ever-increasing and almost limitless range of prospective clients. Famous company CEOs and celebrities who endorse products from all over the globe are frequent Twitter users. Continue reading

All About the Google Drive


Google Drive is Google’s answer to Dropbox – a file storage system linked to a Google account. Originally named Google Docs, which was established in February 2007, Google Drive is a Free online office suite which gives users the ability to view, edit and create documents online. By using the Google Drive service, spreadsheets, Word documents, and presentations can be uploaded to Google’s web interface where files can be shared and accessed by multiple users simultaneously. This service makes the information readily accessible over the World Wide Web in real time.  Continue reading

Manage Your Finances…Properly


Everything in life comes with a price. Not everybody is fortunate to have money to spend lavishly on needs as well as wants. Managing your finances is essential for survival in today’s rough economic times, particularly that of Saint Lucia. The introduction of VAT in October 2012 caused many residents to rethink the way they spend. Inflation is extreme and many persons (as small as their salaries might be) saw the value of the dollar decrease. With the probability of an increase in salaries less than imminent, you have to re-strategise on what and how money is spent. This article seeks to give some ideas on how to manage your finances properly. Continue reading

Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust – How We Can Help Your Business


The Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) continues to move forward in creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs (18-35 years) to realise their dreams of business ownership. The programme has gained support from partnerships both in voluntary and business sector capacities which include: First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) Foundation, Caribbean Development Bank, CGYBT, Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd (CIE), Accela Marketing, Bank of Nova Scotia, St. Lucia Distillers Ltd, Bay Gardens Hotel, OGM Communications Ltd, Bank of Saint Lucia (BOSL), Calabash TV, Landmark Events; all of these are strategic in representing the wide range of industries present in Saint Lucia. Continue reading

Are you LinkedIn?


Many of us may have received LinkedIn invitations from close friends and family urging us to join the social media network, but are unaware of the website’s capabilities. We probably perceive of it as just another of those online fads. Well it’s not.

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn currently ranks third in the world’s most popular social network sites. It is the most popular website where professionals can build their business network. Unlike the other social media websites which don’t have much depth, or may be all over the place, LinkedIn targets a specific demographic (professionals). When it comes to business, LinkedIn is the most important social media website to connect businesspeople and professionals.

Each professional profile is broken down into various categories such as Experience, Skills & Expertise, Education, Additional Info and Honours & Awards. Once accurate information has been entered in the respective fields, your profile can become the perfect marketing tool to showcase your professional ability.

Employers and job seekers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s network to scout for new employees. You can also create job postings on the website. Many LinkedIn users have found job opportunities through the social media giant.

Continue reading

St. Lucia Youth Business Trust Celebrates One Year


The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) celebrated its first Anniversary on Thursday November 15th 2012, at the Auberge Seraphine Hotel.  During the initial year, the Trust has provided young entrepreneurs with business plan assistance, training, mentorship support, networking opportunities while building partnerships with several organizations and institution locally and regionally including non-traditional partners like the Bordelaise Correctional Facility.

A commemorative ceremony to celebrate the first anniversary of operations took place where two beneficiaries of the Trust provided testimonials. Mrs. Malica St. Rose and Mr. Rankin Morgan spoke to the assistance she received from the SLYBT.  Mrs. St. Rose lauded “SLYBT’s efforts pointing specifically to the assignment of mentors who were able to guide and help her formulate a business plan which is helping to create future financial security and stability for her business, KD’s Frootz”.

Mr. Rankin Morgan noted “I am a product of the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust” and testified that the Trust lived up to his expectations, especially with the provision of mentorship support which he described as the Trusts’ distinguishing characteristic and ingredient. Mr. Morgan has since publish the first issue of his magazine, “Dazzle Magazine” geared towards showcasing young St. Lucian entrepreneurs and professionals who are creating opportunities for themselves and others.  Mr. Morgan further went on to encourage young entrepreneurs to “take advantage of the SLYBT programs” and also encouraged the wider businesses community especially members of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce to support the Saint Youth Business Trust on its quest to improve the environment for local young entrepreneurs.”

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