Janelle JOYEUX – The Gorgeous Talent behind Sweetdreams Custom Cakes

Seeing the bursts of pure joy, excitement and satisfaction from a client is what Janelle Joyeux lives for Sweetdreams Custom Cakes, which she’s had for 13 years, specialises in serving up anything that can be laid on a dessert table with a unique touch to each masterpiece.

“It’s about giving all that you have and then a little extra. But doing this everyday doesn’t feel like work because it’s what I truly love to do,” says Janelle.

Although Janelle grew up in a home of bakers and cooks, it wasn’t always her dream to follow the footsteps of her aunt and mother. Dazzle Magazine was lucky to get a spot in her busy schedule to learn more about her compelling story.

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Kwame DJ VIPER: Bridging the gap between his dreams and reality

It all really took off when Kwame Spooner got the chance to DJ at one of his friend’s house parties. Back then he was simply known as DJ Sweet Fudge and only took it up as a hobby because he loved music. Fast forward through countless hours of studying his craft plus experience in the field, DJ Viper is cleverly balancing life as a DJ while chasing his dream of being a lawyer. He’s travelled near and far; to Grenada and New York, as well as Miami… carrying his brand across borders and gaining recognition from prominent New York DJs. There’s more to his epic journey though, here’s what DJ Viper is all about: Continue reading

Anya Whitfield – Juggling Work and Family Life and Holding it all Together

A mother of two sons, Anya Whitfield prides herself on being a devoted mom and, as she so proudly put it, her husband’s number one fan and supporter.

A certified chartered accountant, Anya has been the Operations Manager at Mediazone Productions Inc for the past four years. She once dreamed of becoming a model and actually gained some experience in that field during her latter days at St. Joseph’s Convent, and later as a student at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. While this might lead one to think that she was your typical teenage girl with fairy tale dreams of living the life of a virtual princess, her career aspirations were nothing typical for a girl back then. It was certainly an unconventional choice given the stereotypical views people in small societies like ours tend to have of women’s role in the workplace.

Dazzle had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Whitfield to learn more about this driving force behind Mediazone Production who has shown herself to be one of those ambitious young female professionals striving to shatter glass ceilings while balancing work and family life.

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O’Neal “O’Jay” Joseph – Music Man Making Waves on the High Sea

For many St. Lucian youths who grow up yearning to be musicians, nothing gives them greater pleasure than the thought of devoting their lives totally to doing what they love.

Resentful of the idea of wasting their talent, they’re convinced that there’s more to life than holding down an eight-to-four job and staring at a computer screen. Their ultimate dream is getting discovered by one of the world’s leading record labels, performing at shows before thousands of adoring fans, and becoming rich and famous. Nothing seems to deter them, least of all the views of friends and family warning them against giving up a steady job for what seems like a pipe dream.

O’Neal “O’Jay” Joseph, popularly known as O’Jay, is a young St. Lucian musician who is living his dream and proving that if you want something badly enough and work at it hard enough, ultimately your dreams will come true.

O’Jay – like numerous other Caribbean musicians – has discovered that there are other ways to make a good living from playing music besides becoming a world-famous, super rich musical superstar.

One way is by playing for tourists aboard a cruise ship. An accomplished keyboard player who is passionate about music, O’Jay is also the leader of the four-member band, Protégé, which he put together. They perform on the TUI Discovery cruise line. Continue reading

Masana Morisson – ‘I was Destined for Radio’

A wise Woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim”. – Maya Angelou

Masana Morrison the morning voice on The Wave radio station has displayed her wisdom by capitalizing on every opportunity that came her way to solidify her place as one of St. Lucia’s top radio personalities. Moreover, she has the distinction of being the only radio broadcaster to serve as a spokesperson for both mobile providers.

Dazzle Magazine sat down with Masana to get the full story.

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Daran Rosemond – Kink Imprints: the Fashion House of Unique Styles and Self Discovery

In today’s world, standing out is perhaps our biggest underlying goal in everything that we do. We all aspire to emulate something or someone, but our uniqueness  ultimately shines through everything that we do. But how does one stand out in a crowd wearing similar threads? The answer is Kink Imprints. From t-shirts, to jeans, caps, bags, and plenty of accessories in-between, all of them can be customised to show your style at this popular store. Dazzle Magazine got the chance to chat with the brains behind the business…

Daran Rosemond is an entrepreneur of a T-shirt printing and accessory business called Kink Imprints.

Daran: The way I see it, an entrepreneur is someone who’s a risk taker; who would do whatever it takes to climb and succeed in whatever field they’re in.

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The Wavemakers: James & Jesse Reinvent Local Photography

Back in the old days, we all used to enjoy going to photo studios to have our pictures taken.

Sometimes we would have to wait days and even weeks to receive our cherished photos, which we would then place in albums for our future viewing pleasure.

Fast forward decades later; photography has transitioned to instantaneous digital snapshots. With the advent of social media, especially apps like Instagram, photography has become a worldwide phenomenon.

In recent years, St. Lucia has seen an influx of photographers; currently ninety-two and counting. Many of them use social media to their advantage, establishing themselves as household names and gaining popularity for their work. One such brand is none other than Wavemaker Photography, which emerged on the scene in 2013.

Wavemaker Photography has since established itself as one of the most successful brands in St. Lucia. Their big break came in 2015 when they were awarded a photography contract by the St. Lucia Tourist Board for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

Wavemaker specializes in events and portrait photography with the emphasis on aerial photography and cinematic headshots. They have worked with the likes of Digicel, Flow, IGY, Verve Events, Bay Gardens and Capella Marigot Bay. James Adjodha and Jesse Evans – two close friends – are the brains behind the business. Continue reading

Nicole de Gale NikkiBeides Makes Chic Jewellery Affordable

NikkiBiedes produces a range of pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, body chains and earrings beautifully crafted   from   semi-precious    stones,

pearls, glass beads, silver, 14K gold and vermeil. There is something for everyone; children, adults, lawyers, doctors, college students… you name it! Intrigued by her five-star quality work, Dazzle could not miss the opportunity to take a peek into the fascinating realm of NikkiBiedes. Dig in!


Dazzle: Where did the idea for NikkiBiedes come from?

Nicole: I decided to get back in touch with my creative side after having quite a bit of free time on my hands. One day I was flipping through a magazine and saw these necklaces that I really liked and wanted but had no idea where to buy them. So I found some beads and started making my own pieces and before I knew it, I had made 40 necklaces. I attended the christening celebration for my friend’s daughter, wearing my necklaces. Everyone loved them and wanted to know where I got them from. Needless to say, they were surprised when I said I had made them. The next question was how much do you charge? I had never thought of selling my creations. And although making just one of these necklaces took me 30 minutes, I sold them at $5 for three. Word got around and the orders started pouring in. People started calling me NikkiBiedes for fun and then my fiancé also started calling me that, so I decided to brand my craft using that name.

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Dwayne Etienne – The Power Behind the Music – Master Engineer

Few entrepreneurs would readily admit that their accomplishments may not have been of their own doing.

For Dwayne McNeil Etienne, God’s plan for his success promised to give him everything that he wanted, so he followed that plan which has brought him to this very point in his career.

Being a professional sound engineer, Dwayne’s brand has been powering several musical events and their exuberant sounds, including BLiSS, SOS, Baywalk Jazz (2012 to the present), U4RIA, Live in Colour, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson’s ‘Show the World,’ Jazz Sampler, Fire Grill Jazz and many more! Dwayne was gracious enough to sit for an interview with Dazzle Magazine to chat about his successes and challenges in the music business and what the experience has been like for him.


Dazzle: Who is Dwayne Etienne?

Dwayne: I think I’d best be able to define myself as a sound engineer and entrepreneur. Someone who’s had years of experience in their field.

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Jean Claude John Fitness Trainer Changing Lives One Client at a Time

Whenever we put real thought into our actions, most of us would like to be able to say that we’ve made a lasting impression on the people around us.

Jean Claude John is driven by this desire to touch people’s hearts. He is a self-defined fitness enthusiast, personal trainer, bodybuilder and someone who changes lives. Aged 26, he works at Vel’s Fitness Centre, a family-owned fitness and personal training business. While this may not have been his childhood dream, through it, he has been able to find himself and discover his career path.


Dazzle: Was a career in fitness training always part of your plans for the future?

Jean Claude: Actually, no. I wanted a career in sound engineering and music production. I had ideas of going to study in the United Kingdom to be a professional music producer but it turns out that God had different plans for me.
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