Daren Sammy Champion, Legend, Humanitarian

by Gareth S. Jules

Daren Sammy is the first St. Lucian to ever play international cricket. He’s also a multiple Sportsman of the Year award recipient, the only captain to ever win two World T-20 tournaments, the only active player to have a national cricket stadium named after him, and the list goes on.

Daren has achieved so much, it is almost impossible to not label him a LIVING LEGEND. He’s also married and a father of three (3) children, and a humble humanitarian. We sat down with Daren Sammy for a candid interview about his rise to cricketing fame, his achievements, his family, the loss of his captaincy and the launch of his foundation.


Dazzle: Tell us about Daren Sammy’s rise in the world of cricket a cricket.

Daren: I grew up in an area where West Indies cricket was dominant. Everywhere you passed, cricket was played. It has always been a favorite sport of mine. I had a passion for cricket from school. Then I moved on to West Indies Under 19, and the rest is history.

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Cherisa ‘Rissa’ Samuels Fashioning a Dream

by Toni Nicholas

For Cherisa ‘Rissa’ Samuels, founder of Rissa’s Eclectik Kouture, bagging a sweet dream was as easy as first believing in her quest to lose weight, when one night she dreamt of making a bag. Dumbfounded by the connection to her weight loss journey, she nonetheless woke up at 2:00 am that morning and was led to sketch what she had envisaged. Now, two years later, she has gone from bags to wishes as she watches her newfound passion unfold into a thriving   business.

Rissa has since participated in a number of regional and local fashion events, including Barbados and Guyana Fashion Week and ‘Strut for a Cause’ right here in Saint Lucia, among numerous other events.

Dazzle Magazine recently caught up with Rissa at her store, Rissa’s Eclectik Kouture on the second floor of the JQ Mall in Rodney Bay. The store caters to unique clothing and bags hinged on Afrocentric colours and patterns for men, women and children. It also carries beaded pieces from Africa to complement the designer’s various lines.

Dazzle: How did all of this get started and did you ever see yourself where you are right now? Continue reading

Yannick James Bowing his way into our Hearts with his Magic Violin

Most professionals will admit that it took them a considerable amount of time, trial and error to  experience  that epiphanic moment. One that would pique their interest in something they’ve had a long-lasting passion for.

There’s no doubt that we all go through a process of soul-searching to decide which path on the fork of life we want to follow. For violinist and musician Yannick James, picking up the violin was a destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

His family originates from Babonneau. He attended the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School (LHCSS) and then went on to study quantity surveying at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC). Yannick is a familiar face on the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival stage, performing for 13 consecutive years (2003-2016).

He has also performed at Tobago Jazz where he opened with Keyshia Cole, and at the World Festival of Black Arts in Dakar, Senegal (2010) in front of an audience of over 50,000! These performances have certainly gifted him with a tremendous  amount of experience and exposure. But before he got to that point, it started at home, within the family.


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Meet Insanely Talented Makeup Artist Allidonna George

by Dahna Jn Charles

There I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed when I came  across what looked like M.I.B. had caught an undercover alien mid transformation. I couldn’t help clicking on the photo to marvel at this work of art. Shortly thereafter, I thought, ‘Man, that’s a lot of black body paint, and she did this on herself just for practice? That’s going to be hard to  get off her bathroom tiles.’ I almost always have the same thought  every time I come across one of her creations but, most of all, I end up awestruck. Her attention to detail is impeccable. Her ability to create such lifelike looks is impressive. Allidonna George is definitely one to keep an eye on.

In her not so distant girl days, Alli played steel pan with the legendary Diamond Steel Orchestra for over a decade. It has been three years since she played pan, although it is still dear to heart, and she avidly follows the happenings at regional panorama events. Originating from Entreport, Alli is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Convent and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College- Division of Technical Education and Management. As a child, she used to be fascinated by the stars and the many constellations and dreamed of one day becoming an astronomer. She has retained her fascination but her ambitions have since changed to painting night-sky-like images onto faces and bodies. Continue reading

The EvaLucianary Rise of King Elijah ‘Arthur’ Allain

The term three-peat refers to an individual or a team winning a competition three consecutive times.

In the   1970s   the   Mighty   Pelay   was   the   first  St. Lucian artiste to ever achieve a three-peat for his performances in the calypso arena. No one would ever have thought that another local calpypso or soca artiste would achieve this feat again. However, in 2006 Alpha scored a three-peat victory for his thrilling performance in the Power Soca Monarch competition.

Fast forward ten years later and St. Lucia witnesses another three-peat triumph, this time in the Groovy Soca Monarch competition, a dynamic musical addition to our carnival festivities. The winner was none other than Elijah ‘Arthur’ Allain,  a  twenty-five year old teacher from the picturesque and majestic community of Soufriere. Continue reading

Maria Leo – Rejuvenating Lives With a Dose of Holistic Healing

When faced with a decision that is likely to change the course of your life, do you do what you love or what you’re good at? The choice is tough and truthfully, not many young entrepreneurs are able to get it right the first time around.

Even then, it’s difficult to be patient when making strides along an unclear path that could potentially lead to you achieving your dreams. For Maria Leo, overcoming hurdles and making the right choices were just the beginning of her journey to realising her true passion, something she continues to do daily. Continue reading

Chris Wells – Table Tennis Icon, the Story of his Climb to Sporting Greatness

‘Man is only great when he acts from passion.’ Benjamin Disraeli.

This statement aptly describes Chris Wells, a seasoned table tennis (TT) player and coach. He achieved many firsts for himself and Saint Lucia, among them organising and coaching in the first Special Needs Table Tennis Tournament and Physical Literacy Festival. This two-time Coach of the Year award winner leads by example as he continues to play competitive TT.

Dazzle sat with Chris to learn more about his work and the second fastest ball sport in the world.

Describe Chris Wells?

I love to have fun. I pursue all goals with passion and determination until they are accomplished.  Continue reading

Kermany Making Dreams Come True With the Magic of His Lens

When pictures aren’t enough to tell the whole story. When you need to relive the moment and move through its various scenes and savour all its treasures. When the moment feels like a dream and you need proof that it’s real. When you feel the need to experience your life like it’s a movie and capture the magic of the moment live and  in living colour, you call Kermany ‘Loggo’ Lionel.

Originally from Choiseul and now based in Canada, this 25-year old videographer was raised in Castries and lived most of his life in Summersdale with his father and stepmother. He attended the Carmen Rene Memorial and is a proud graduate of the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School. Continue reading

Candy Nicholas Leading St. Lucia Back to Healthy Eating & Natural Living


By Dahna Jn. Charles

“Welcome to LifeStyles! I’m Candy!” This is the greeting Choice TV viewers can expect every day, like a burst of sunshine. 

Candy Nicholas has intrigued St. Lucians with her wealth of knowledge on nature’s goodness and various wellness practices in a bid to help them live healthy and wholesome lives. Naturally, (pun intended lol), Dazzle felt impelled to put her in the spotlight to give our readers a deeper appreciation for this young entrepreneur living life on her own terms. 

Born in the historic town of Soufriere to Mary Clement Nicholas and Aagee Simpson, Candy is grateful to the community that  nurtured her, and to her grandparents, aunts, uncles and older cousins, all of whom played a major role in moulding this poised and articulate young beauty. She attended the Soufriere Infant and Primary schools, and then moved on to the illustrious St. Joseph’s Convent to complete her secondary school education before moving on to Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.  Continue reading

JIMMY FRANCIS J’s Wrap Citi-Home of Low Calorie, Diet-Friendly Fast Food


By Gareth S Jules

In the last few years the majority of new businesses launchedinSaint Luciahavebeenfoodbusinesses. We St. Lucians love good food! It’s no wonder that everywhere you turn, there is a restaurant of some sort catering to the varied taste buds of many.

One of the key marketing strategies adopted in recent times has been to deviate from the norm of housing a restaurant in a building to investing in a food truck. After all, times are tough and many proprietors are looking for ways to cut costs, such as rent fees and operating overheads.

Most of these entities operate during hours when most restaurants are closed. Several of them started operating  at   the   entrance   of the Bonne Terre gap, catering to partygoers heading home from  late night fetes or from a night out at Rodney Bay.

Quite a few of them offer similar but tasty menus. However, one in particular sets itself apart by its creative cuisine and the proprietor’s focus on providing customers with a healthy option in fast food. That business is none other than J’s Wrap Citi.

Jimmy Francis, 43, is the proprietor of J’s Wrap Citi and the brains behind its unique fare. His food truck is located in the Bonne Terre gap in Gros- Islet. Jimmy hails from Aurendel Hill, Marchand. At the age of seven he moved to the south where he later attended the Vieux Fort Junior Secondary and Comprehensive Secondary Schools. Continue reading


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