Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body


With summer just around the corner, many women are no doubt going through the frustration that comes with shopping for swimsuits. In order to help you come up with the swimwear style that’s perfect for you, we’ve put together some tips that should help make it a lot easier to choose the style that’s right for you, regardless of your body type – from the curvier frames to athletic body types, we’re helping you sort through those endless swimwear options. Continue reading

The Amazing Health Benefits of Carambola


Carambola or as it’s popularly known in St. Lucia, star fruit, is a star-shaped, tropical fruit which is sweet and sour in flavour.  Carambola is native to the Malayan peninsula and cultivated in many parts of Southeast Asia, the Pacific islands and China.  How interesting that it has made its way to our Caribbean shores and is very popular on our island.

Low Calorie Content

Star fruit is one of the very low-calorie, exotic fruits. A 100g fruit provides only 31 calories, which is much lower than any other popular tropical fruits. Nonetheless, it has an impressive list of essential nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins required for well-being. Continue reading

The Amazing Papaya Fruit and its Health Benefits


This beautiful tropical fruit has many benefits besides being nutritious with an amazing taste. Papaya also known in many parts of the world as pawpaw, is a rich source of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Improves Digestion 

A digestive enzyme present in papayas helps break down the tough protein fibers and helps in the digestion process.

The fruit’s water and soluble fiber content also make the digestion process easier. This promotes proper bowel movements and helps prevent constipation.  Also, the high amount of foliate, beta-carotene, and vitamins C and E in pawpaw can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

img_pawpaw2Improves Complexion 

Use a ripe pawpaw as a face mask to help open clogged pores. This will help with acne and skin infections.  The fermented flesh of papaya can also help dissolve dead skin cells and give you fresh, glowing skin.  Aging can also be reduced.

Nourishes Hair

Regular use and eating of the fruit can be beneficial to your hair. Rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins, papaya can boost hair growth and strength.  It can also increase hair volume by nourishing the hair shaft. Papaya can also control dandruff.

Protects Against Heart Disease 

Eating papaya regularly can prevent atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. Vitamins A and C are two nutrients that help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, which is one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes. Papaya is a great source of fibre, which can be very helpful in lowering high cholesterol levels.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Pineapple


We may not all agree on the sumptuousness of the pineapple but the health benefits can’t be denied. They are fantastic!  Here are seven reasons why you should try a pineapple today.

Strong Bones: Pineapples are well known for their ability to build and maintain strong bones. This is because they contain manganese, which is a trace mineral that your body needs to build strong bones and connective tissues. In fact, if you consume a cup of pineapple juice, you can get 73 percent of your total body requirement for manganese.

Gum Health: People are always very concerned about their teeth but they sometimes fail to pay enough attention to the gums. Our gums are equally essential since they hold the teeth in place. If a person has unhealthy gums, his/her teeth would be in bad condition and will eventually fall out. Eating pineapple will strengthen your gums and that will in turn help keep your teeth healthy and strong.

I can see you! Time and again, studies have shown that pineapples protect against age-related eye problems because it is rich in antioxidants.

Helps with irregular bowel movement: Pineapples are rich in fibre, making them effective in curing constipation and irregular bowel movement.

Keeps your skin beautiful!  Pineapple contains enzymes that increase the skin’s elasticity, improves skin hydration and removes damaged and dead cells. As a result, it helps you achieve a clear and glowing complexion. The enzymes in pineapples also fight free-radical damage and can reduce age spots and fine lines.

Treats Intestinal Worms: Pineapples contain the digestive enzyme bromelain. A diet rich in pineapple helps clear certain intestinal parasites such as tapeworms.

Relieves Nausea: A key benefit of pineapple juice is that it averts nausea or morning sickness. This is very useful for pregnant women who usually experience nausea. It also helps people who are looking to travel on an airplane or go on boat trips, which usually cause motion sickness.


banana1Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world for good reason. They have many health benefits and they can be a great snack addition to your diet. In fact, after reading this article, you’ll never look at a banana the same way again.

A medium banana contains 110 calories and provides 30 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. Bananas also contain a type of carbohydrate which is a starch that is resistant to digestion but it helps you feel fuller longer. Here are some reasons why you should include bananas in your diet.

Suppress your appetite by simply smelling it

According to the findings of a study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, smelling certain foods when you are hungry can trick you brain into thinking that you’ve actually eaten them. One of those foods is bananas. If that’s not enough to convince you that you can enjoy bananas while losing weight, smell one next time you feel hungry.

They’re Natural Performance Enhancers

There’s a reason why most of the world’s leading athletes love bananas. Bananas are a perfect fuel for athletes because they not only provide the carbs your muscles need, they have the antioxidants that can help speed up recovery.

They Give you a Boost of Vitamin C

When most people think of Vitamin C, it’s usually oranges and strawberries that come to mind. However, a serving of bananas provides 15 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that helps neutralise damaging free radicals and keeps systemic inflammation at bay. It also helps produce collagen that holds muscles, bones and other tissues together. In addition, it helps keep blood vessels healthy and aids with the body’s absorption of iron and folate. It also keeps your gums healthy and aids in healing.

banana2Provides blood-pressure-lowering potassium
A medium banana has 422 mg potassium while being sodium-free.  Various studies show that those who have diets rich in potassium are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure and have reduced risk for stroke. Adults need 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day, so a medium banana provides nearly 10 percent of the daily requirement.

They Make You Feel Happy

How about having a banana to help you feel peachy? A small banana provides 27 mg magnesium, which can help brighten your mood and keep you from feeling blue. Men and women need 420 mg and 320 mg of magnesium per day, respectively. Low levels of this mineral are linked to depression, anxiety, irritability and other mood disorders.  Since many of us don’t get enough magnesium in our diets, consider a banana as your chill pill.

Coping with Grief and Loss


by Dr. Minerva King

Life is dynamic and the only constant is change. During the course of our lifetime, we normally form relationships and strong bonds of love and friendship. However, those relationships and attachments can be broken or disrupted for various reasons, including a chronic or terminal illness, natural disasters, divorce or separation, the loss of a job or income, drug addiction, incarceration or death, to name a few. Each of the foregoing can be a serious source of grief to those affected.

Most people will grieve at some point in their life. How the individual deals with that grief will depend on their level of maturity and the support systems that are available to them, including family, friends, a counsellor or psychologist.

In her 1969 book ‘On Death and Dying,’ Swiss-American psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross proposes that there are five stages of grief that we normally go through during times of loss or bereavement. Not everyone goes through all the five stages of the grieving process. Most will go through at least two or more and each person spends different lengths of time working through the various stages of grief. Moreover, many people do not experience the stages in the order listed below.

There is no clear demarcation between each of the five stages. Some people alternate by reverting to one or more stages before finally arriving at a peaceful acceptance of the loss or tragedy.

Knowing those five stages of grief can help you cope with the ordeal. There is no way of knowing how long someone’s grief may last. It may take days, weeks, months or even years; it can’t be rushed.  Whatever the cause of your grief, just know that, like everything else, this too shall pass.

Let’s look at the five stages of grief and consider how people go through each stage. Continue reading

Get Rid of Ingrown Hair the Natural Way


by Alana M.I. Morgan

Oh, how ingrown hair is so absolutely awful!  

Who doesn’t want silky smooth skin?  However, this could prove to be quite a challenge if you have to contend with ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is hair that curls back under your skin instead of growing out from it. Sometimes your pores (or hair follicles) can become clogged by dead skin cells. This causes the hair inside them to grow sideways and under the skin instead of up and outward. Shaving can also cause ingrown hair. In this case the condition is more commonly known as razor bumps.

Try out this cool natural lotion to help eliminate them. It smells good and does the trick!

  1.  1 cup sugar
  2. ½ tbs extra virgin olive or jojoba oil (more if using on face)
  3. 10 drops tea tree oil
  4. 5 drops thyme essential oil
  5. 5 drops lavender essential oil

Add all the ingredients together and mix well.  Use it every day for one week for the best results and one ounce every week thereafter to prevent the emergence of new ones. Enjoy your smooth new look!

The Healing Power of Soursop


Soursop is a long, prickly green fruit, generally oval shaped and it comes from the graviola tree. It is an evergreen plant which is commonly grown in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America. It is also called custard apple and in Brazil it is known as paw paw.

The tree is grown for domestic use and commercially. It emits a white flower which exudes a very pleasant smell in the early morning.

When the fruit is mature the skin is yellowish-green and it can be picked and left to ripe in a dark corner. When ripened, it should be handled with care as it could be easily bruised or punctured. It can be eaten raw.  The soursop has a white edible pulp which is often sweet. Sometimes it can be subacid or acid. It also has an indigestible core and black seeds and a distinctive flavour. Continue reading

Eyelash Extensions – How to Make Them Look Great!


If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, it isn’t surprising that people usually make so much fuss about the ‘window dressing’ – Eyelashes!

Eyelash enhancement is the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry. Even during the recent US recession, this segment was the only one that registered growth. Take a closer look at celebrities Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell – they have been wearing extensions since the early 2000’s.

Eyelash extensions are still new to Saint Lucia, and unfortunately they are often confused with “tabbing.” Tabbing is a way to cheaply add false eyelashes in little chunks, or ‘tabs’ that contain 2-4 eyelashes per tab. These are usually applied using hair glue in nail-and-hair salons. In most cases they cause extreme discomfort during and after the application. The end result is that it often damages your natural lashes, leaving gaps on your lashline for as long as three months.

img_eyelashWe asked Saint Lucia’s first certified Novalash Eyelash Extensionist, Andra Allen-Joseph to explain exactly, what eyelash extensions are.

She explained: “Eyelash extensions are applied by certified extensionists using medical grade adhesive. One single lash is applied to each one of your own natural lashes, resulting in the appearance of beautiful, fuller, longer, darker eyelashes, which reduce the need for makeup, brighten your eyes and add instant glamour. While eyelash extensions do cost more than eyelash tabs, they cause no damage to your natural eyelas, there is no discomfort and most importantly, they last 3 to 4 weeks!”

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Buying or Building Your Home: a step-by-step guide


The advent of the Construction Stimulus Package has resulted in increased opportunities for potential homeowners looking to buy or build a house, and for existing homeowners seeking to extend their house or purchase another one.  One of the most important decisions that you will have to make in your life is whether to buy or build a home.

The process of buying or building a home involves several stages.  When building, one must first find the plot of land that fits within one’s budget and that can accommodate the house you want to build.  Usually this involves a real estate agent and a lawyer.  Your agent will help you find the plot of land which suits your needs. Your lawyer will ensure that the land is conveyed (sold) to you properly and all the requisite fees are paid to the government. Continue reading


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