Take the Plunge!

Go for a Swim

Do me a favour. Stop five random people during your daily routine and ask them whether or not they can swim. Not tread water, not dog paddle or stay afloat, but swim – as in do a proper stroke. You will be amazed to find out that the majority of answers may be a no. Strange right? Especially considering that we live on a small rock, completely surrounded by water. To be quite frank, this is not unusual; it is actually the norm in most other islands in the Caribbean and though younger kids seem to be able to swim, their parents, have not yet taken the plunge!

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Let’s Get All Muddy!

Most people today are striving for perfect health, which includes having healthy-looking skin, a fit body and seemingly eternal youth. A good source of eternal youth, believe it or not, is the mud body wrap. With natural healing properties, mud body wraps are known to relax sore or tense muscles, stimulate circulation, draw out impurities as it cleanses, and renew firmness and elasticity to the skin’s surface.

Mud, being a detoxifier stimulates blood flow underneath the skin and pulls out toxins that have entered your body through the food you eat, the chemicals in the air and any medicines you may take. The process includes the mud being applied to your skin, you are then wrapped tightly in order to keep the mud warm, which aids in the detoxification. After about 20 minutes, you are unwrapped and the mud is washed off, revealing radiant skin.
As a result of the mud wrap process, your skin is left feeling cleaner, softer and tighter, thereby, appearing more youthful. Mud body wraps have also been known to tighten and firm up the entire body, making you feel leaner and slimmer.

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Destination Wedding vs. Local Wedding

Almost anyone who has planned a wedding or who has participated in one, has probably said, “Never me again!” yet there are some who revel in planning weddings and would do it time and time again. Whether it is a small intimate affair or a large glamorous wedding, one thing is for sure, your wedding day is meant to be a memorable occasion.

Dazzle has done quite a bit of research on weddings and will agree that planning one can be very stressful. It starts with picking the right date, to the type of dress or suit to wear, to the venue, to catering and transportation all the while remaining happy and composed throughout the entire process.
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