Dazzle Magazine Issue 15

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We often hear or read about how entrepreneurship can help to boost the development of Saint Lucia’s economy. The significance of this statement  is  borne  out  by  the  reality that current statistics show that the island currently has an overall unemployment rate of 25% and a youth unemployment rate above 40%. Many people have lost their jobs over the past two years, and quite a number of them have turned to self-employment and entrepreneurship to   survive.

As you are aware, Dazzle Magazine has been a strong promoter of entrepreneurship, and we will continue steadfastly to inspire the nation, especially the youths, to consider starting their own businesses.

For those of you who may not be clear what entrepreneurship is all about, briefly this is what it entails; an entrepreneur is one who starts up and operates a business venture offering products and services to the general public. He/she must be willing to take financial risks in order to pursue their goals. They must be driven by their passion and a determination to succeed. As an entrepreneur, you can also create employment opportunities for others, who can then work along with you and help bring your dream to fruition.

One of the main strengths of entrepreneurship is the ability to implement social change through innovation. An entrepreneur can help to change the business landscape by introducing new and innovative – sometimes revolutionary – products and services that change the way business is done, or even change consumption patterns. Businesses that are powered by a strong spirit of entrepreneurship can help to revitalize a country by filling a void in the economy.

Dazzle Magazine is extremely proud of the entrepreneurs whom we have featured over the past year. We look forward to putting the spotlight on a new breed of business owners in 2016. If you know of someone who you think would be a great Dazzle Magazine feature, please feel free to contact me at rankin.morgan@dazzlethemag.com with your   suggestions.

With that said, I hope issue 15 captivates and inspires you. I would like to wish our readers, contributors and advertisers a safe and Happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year.


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