Dazzle Magazine Issue 25

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According to the Oxford dictionary, an entrepreneur is defined as one who sets up a business, taking financial risk in hope of a profit. In order to do this one has to be extremely focused and disciplined. The journey to success can be unforgiving, exhausting, time consuming, stressful, fun at times but above all, rewarding.

Over the past few years the conversations that Dazzle Magazine has had with featured entrepreneurs have all been inspiring. Some of them took their hobby and transformed it into a business. Others saw there was a societal need and introduced a product or service to fill that void. The featured professionals have also been exceptional. Their single-minded determination to succeed in their field is quite admirable.

Creativity, confidence and determination are the attributes that distinguish the individuals featured in Issue 25.Their stories will take you on an inspirational journey and give you a better appreciation of what they have accomplished and how they contribute to the economic development of their country.

I wish you a happy read and thank you for supporting Dazzle Magazine.

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