Fuzion Mas – a Glorious Blend of Carnival, History and Culture

Judging by the buzz on social media, the local carnival band, Fuzion Mas is generating lots of interest among revelers. And despite being ‘the new kid on the block’, many are convinced that they are the band to watch this year.

The band is portraying ‘GREATNESS IN THE SANDS’ – a theme that is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of St. Lucians who are proud of their African roots. It aims to resurrect the glory of Ancient Egypt by telling the stories of one of the world’s first and greatest civillisations .

Excitement is running at fever pitch among the band members and seems to be catching on. They have amassed a sizeable following through their skillful use of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as a means of communicating with their potential and established members. Their website, www.fuzionmas.com, provides key updates on band events and activities. Furthermore, their willingness to support charitable causes has also won the hearts of many, as seen when members of the band participated in the recent Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness walk.

Alongside teaming up with some of our island’s most notable Soca Artistes, Fuzion Mas has bridged the gap between St. Lucian event culture and that of other Caribbean  islands.

Dazzle got the opportunity to chat with the Fuzion Mas Team about the band’s preparations for Carnival 2017.

How long has Fuzion Mas been in operation?

Fuzion: Fuzion Mas was officially established inSeptember 2016 and our first portrayal, ‘Greatness in the Sands’, was launched December last year in preparation for St. Lucia Carnival 2017.

How would you define your band?

Fuzion: We are a blend of the best elements of traditional and contemporary carnival. Our aim is to provide Saint Lucia with the ultimate carnival experience. The band was established through the amalgamation of the skills and passion of a group of young, vibrant St. Lucians. Essentially, Fuzion Mas means GOOD VIBES, GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD TIMES.


What spurred your interest in carnival?

Fuzion: It was actually a few people who felt that we had something to contribute to the existing carnival landscape. Most of our members are carnival babies who hold the event close to their hearts. So, it wasn’t unfamiliar territory for most of us. Our primary goal was to revive the traditional component of carnival without compromising its relevance to the modern- day era.


What opportunities were you attempting to capitalize on?

FuzionCollectively, our team identified  an opportunity to create a product that catered to different market segments by portraying a theme which enabled us to combine traditional and contemporary carnival. We realised the need for a band that offered a ‘fuzion’ of options and created a contagious vibe through a “fuzion” of values synonymous with fun, friendship and fete.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Fuzion: For us, it’s not necessarily about setting ourselves apart from ‘competitors’, as we’re all contributing to a bigger picture, which is St. Lucia Carnival. Our energies have been focused more on adding to the existing product and enhancing it where we find opportunities to do so. However, we have spared no effort to deliver beautiful costumes accompanied by premium services and amenities, as well as a one-of-a-kind, non-exclusive, road experience. Yes, non-exclusive – meaning everything is for everyone. No exceptions.


Fuzion Mas can be contacted at: Website: www.fuzionmas.com Facebook: Fuzion Mas

Instagram: @fuzionmas Twitter: @fuzionmas Telephone: 1 (758) 488-FUZE. Email: info@fuzionmas.com


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