Go Green to Get Slim

Many people try different diets, follow different tips and tricks, looking for the most complicated way to achieve the body of their dreams, and ignoring the truth just because it seems too simple.

Do you remember as a child how our parents tried to make us eat our greens even though we never wanted to? Well, studies have shown that green leafy vegetables hold the secret to rapid fat loss and they are also rich in all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals our bodies need to burn fat and build muscle.

Whoever believes that you can’t receive protein from greens is absolutely wrong. Greens actually contain more protein per gram in comparison to meat. I guess there is something to the huge vegan phenomenon going on around the world, after all.It’s important to understand that all the nutrients we need for healthy living can be extracted from the fruits and vegetables of the earth and there’s really no need to consume the animals who share the planet with us.

A simple way we all can consume more greens and get slim for the New Year is to include a green smoothie now and then in our daily diet.

Having a smoothie for breakfast offers many benefits. It gives the body all the vitamins and minerals it needs to kick start your day, speed up your metabolism and energize your cells for more productivity at work or at school, or for whatever activities you may be involved in.

Another simple tip is to remove all carbohydrates from your evening meals simply because those carbs would not be utilised by your body while it is in a state of rest. They would just be turned into stored energy (fat), which we usually end up not using because we continually ingest more and more carbohydrates.

If you feel hungry in the evenings, try eating salads with your choice of protein, a smoothie or some fruit. Any of these would be a better option than ingesting large amounts of carb meals at night that would build the gut instead of slimming it down. Better health, increased energy and that amazing body of your dreams are waiting for you on the other side of those greens, so eat up and get slim.


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