Never Give Up Clothing: Fashion with a Positive Message

Clothes are, no doubt, a necessity that we all cherish. Most of us have that ‘favourite tee shirt’ or that pair of pants that bring back countless memories. Some of us even dare to create our own clothing, in an attempt to add our spin or flare to this common necessity.

Marshall Celestine, founder of ‘Never Give Up Clothing’ is grounded in his belief that clothing can go beyond being an everyday essential, to empowering and motivating people to be confident and enjoy life.

Born and raised in Vieux Fort, Marshall attended C.A.R.E. (Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education) until he migrated to Toronto, Canada when he was 16. During his seven-year tenure at school (while earning his diploma in tourism and travel) his professor at the time made a simple gesture of giving him a piece of paper. This small gesture was the first thread that would weave together the dream that is now NGU Clothing. As you might’ve imagined, written on the paper were the words ‘Never Give Up.’ After a half-decade of perseverance, the official launch and very first fashion show for NGU Clothing took place on June 18, 2016 in Ottawa.

“Everyone has a story…”- so says Marshall Celestine

Marshall believes that everyone can relate to the positive message that his clothes embody. His goal is to tap into everyone’s ‘story’ and inspire them to push on despite the challenges they may encounter in life.


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