Reenergizing the Local Party Experience

Since its emergence on the local entertainment scene, Blueprint Weekend looks set to become one of St. Lucia’s most anticipated party events. Patterned after the popular  Dream

Weekend event in Jamaica, Blueprint Weekend is basically a weekend getaway consisting of three days of back-to-back party events and shows featuring popular genres of music and performances by local artistes, plus lots to eat and drink.

The inaugural Blueprint Weekend was held this year from April 28 – 30 (Friday to Sunday). It kicked off with the Ultimate All-White GLOW Party at ZEN on the Friday. The following day the patrons moved on to Sundance at Pigeon Point to continue the fun, and the next day (Sunday) they rounded it off with the Pump at Pigeon Island, a first-of-its-kind event featuring floats.

Dazzle caught up with Katama Elibox, the Managing Director of Blueprint Entertainment, and she was happy to chat about the inspiration behind the event and what the experience was like for her patrons.

What inspired you to go for something like Blueprint Weekend?

Katama: Well we’ve actually wanted to do this for a while now. Our inspiration came from a similar Jamaican event called Dream Weekend. I hope that Blueprint Weekend evolves into something just as big. There are other ‘weekends’ around the Caribbean and they draw a lot of tourists to the islands because they have back-to-back events like these. We started off on a small scale to test the waters. The intention is for it to become really big so that we can bring down overseas artistes to perform at these events.

This amalgamation of events, is   it the first of it’s kind for Blueprint Entertainment?

Katama: For us and for St. Lucia, as far as I know.

Why would I consider being a part of Blueprint Weekend?

Katama: Because it’s the first of its kind in St. Lucia and you could have said that you were one of the first people to experience it and share it. We’ve incorporated a lot of new elements of ‘feteing’ into the weekend. GLOW was an all-white party and that’s nothing new but we know that St. Lucians aren’t very open to change, so we went the safe route by having GLOW as the first event of the weekend. Sundance was a very new concept to St. Lucia, where we were asking people to come out with headpieces. You could’ve worn a cap or an older carnival headpiece and come out to party. And then after you’ve partied you would camp out until the next morning… This part of the concept was the hardest bit to explain but when people came they understood the concept and really appreciated it.

zWhat was the turnout like?

Katama: GLOW had a huge turnout. On that night we had large numbers at the club. It was quite phenomenal. Sundance was the weakest of all because people didn’t understand the concept of the fete. PUMP had the biggest turnout of them all, possibly because it was a first-time, unique event. People were extremely excited about it and it definitely showed.


Will there be another Blueprint Weekend to look forward to in the near future?

KatamaDefinitely. We’ve gotten calls from  other

promoters. They want to collaborate with us on the next event. Because it’s a weekend of events there’s room for everybody. But it’s definitely going to happen again, next year around the same time and we may even squeeze another one in this year.


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