Welcome to Mandiana’s Edenic Garden of Vegan

A healthy lifestyle is something that many people strive to maintain. However, we seem to hear more people talking about it rather than trying to achieve it. During such conversations, it’s hard to avoid the topic of exercise, and dieting in particular. Arguably, ‘a vegan diet’ is becoming an increasingly popular catch phrase and it goes hand-in-hand with healthy living.

For this reason Mandiana Auguste decided in October (2016) to offer a healthy alternative to the typical fare that is served here in St. Lucia, at her new business appropriately named ‘Garden of Vegan.’

Garden of Vegan is an all-vegan food delivery service. Weekly menus are published on Sundays on their Facebook page and Instagram account, @ gardenofveganslu. Customers can place their orders through social media or over the phone (285-7777) and their meals are delivered to their workplace between the hours of 10:30 a.m and 1:30 p.m. Presently, deliveries are made to locations in between Castries and Gros Islet.

Being a meticulous person by nature, Mandiana initially encountered some challenges in her efforts to establish high professional standards for her business, and she continues to remain faithful to her cause. To Mandiana, Garden of Vegan is not just about delivering food, it is about providing her customers with an exciting and delectable alternative and a truly healthy meal that they can enjoy every day of the week.

  • Instagram and Facebook: @gardenofveganslu
  • Contact Number 285-7777


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