Beauty in the Blink of an Eye

In January 2018, the local beauty company, Blink of an Eye launched its online store for its high- demand Mink lashes. If you’ve got stubborn and wayward lashes, then these easy-to-apply lasheswould be the perfect fit for you.

Andrea Weesbrook, co-founder of Blink of an Eye, admitted to being just a satisfied consumer initially. She always loved lashes but applying them had always been an issue.

“For me, I’ve always loved all things beauty, so there was a point where I was doing my makeup but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to apply my lashes. One day I got a pair of mink lashes and when I put them on I realized they were easier for me. My natural lashes are curly and, therefore, the drugstore lashes would never cut it. After that, I immediately fell in love with them,” says Andrea.

Their product is quite affordable too. Quality lashes at a reasonable price? They’ve got it. They’re even introducing new applicators to make applying their lashes that much easier. Eventually, they’ll add more to their list of mink lashes but for now you can get your fair share of Passion, Toya, Belle, Sophistik, Monet, Finesse and Vixxen from Blink of An Eye.

We hope they continue to gain success and wish them a prosperous journey as they embark on new endeavours.

Check them out on Instagram: @blinkofaneyeslu

Discover the New You with Fitness Trails SLU


For some of us, gym life isn’t our preferred option for keeping fit, and working out from home usually doesn’t go as planned.

Fortunately for us all, Fitness Trails SLU has taken the initiative of adding a much needed and fresh experience to their fitness regimen that is designed to help you develop the best version of yourself. Their program focuses on core training, resistance workouts and cardio for starter, intermediate and “IronMan” levels. It is all done in an open, distraction-free environment, starting at Cas En Bas Beach (near the old Cotton Bay Hotel).

“It started off as recreation about six months ago among friends in a part of the island that not many people know about,” said Blain. “It’s a different side to St. Lucia and we wanted to share that experience while getting fit,” he added.

Registration is free and transportation to the training venue is also available. At $15 per single session, $20 for 2 sessions and $30 for 3 sessions (per week), the more you participate the more affordable it is for you. Fitness Trails SLU’s members all receive free drinking water and assorted fruits as well as coupons for discounts on healthy treats at Rawr and FellyBelly.

With over 100 registered members and the prospect of a new fitness trail being used in the south, now is the perfect time to make working out a habit. Individuals as young as 13 and as old as 71 have taken on the challenge without any excuses!

Contact Fitness Trails today to get started!
Instagram | Facebook (@Fitnesstrailsslu)
Twitter (@fitnesstrailssl)

The Mobile Tech – A smart solution at your convenience


You’ve heard it before, “We live in an era of technology” and in 2018 this couldn’t bemore true. Our phones and mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves.  It’salso true that sometimes, no matter how careful we are, accidents happen and our devices get broken, cracked or seemingly damaged beyond repair. The typical solution would be to wait several days to get your device back from a repair shop. For most of us that isn’t the preferred option. This is where The Mobile Tech -created by Arkim Albertine- comes into play. Repairs are completed in as little as 20 minutes. The best part? The Mobile Tech comes to you when you need them to!

At his old job Arkim would observe the skills necessary to perform this delicate craft on a daily basis. While The Mobile Tech started off at home with a few screwdrivers, Arkim thought “If I could do this in such a simple way, how much more could I achieve if I push myself further.” He’s since brought on a second technician stationed at their Castries branch inside the Valmont building. Allowing him to handle repairs on the road. If you weren’t all caught up, check out The Mobile Tech in the details below!

Facebook: @themobiletechslu
Instagram: @themobiletech
Call/Whatsapp: 485-6628


Pas Jalou – there’s Great Swimwear for Everyone

When a lifelong passion for swimwear meets determination, only one thing can result; Pas Jalou Swimwear, the brainchild of Kashima Montoute. Born and raised in the Caribbean, Kashima saw a gap in the market that presented the opportunity to cater not just to women seeking regular swimwear, but also to men, plus-size women and kids.

“It’s swimwear to suit the everyday person” says Kashima. Her goal was to create a brand whereby anyone who needs to purchase beachwear can find something that suits their taste. Continue reading

Vivre La Belle – Blazing a Trail of Innovation for Local Beauticians

Tasha and Queenie aren’t new to the business and they’ve certainly made a name for themselves. Their entrepreneurial journey started in 2014 where Vivre La Belle came to be, providing hair and makeup services.

“We don’t just sell stuff. We’re like a blog, kind of,” said Tasha. “We basically have a platform where we allow other beauticians to showcase their work.” Continue reading

Celebrating the One-of-a-Kind BodyB Wired Bra

Nicole Joseph started it all when she decided to make something she could wear for carnival in Trinidad. We all know how costly jumping carnival could be—too expensive—even in your own country. Still, that doesn’t deter carnival enthusiasts who want to join a band and enjoy the experience. She made a quick decision to make her own wire bra and one picture online set everything else off.

“I’ve always been a creative person. Even as a kid,” said Nicole. “I was into beauty and fashion, and I love carnival. I like to work with my hands, especially if it saves me money.” Continue reading

Fruits of Love – All in a Basket

All in a Basket officially started off in December 2016. In November, Neva Edward was seeking out a suitable gift for her mother’s birthday. When realising that  no one in the south where she resides could do a fruit basket befitting the occasion, she decided to give it a shot and gift her mom with her very first fruit basket.

Even while she works full time in Vieux Fort, and while finishing off her Bachelor’s degree in social work, her business is given as much attention as it needs to thrive.

Since establishing All in a Basket, her output has grown into offerings of fruit baskets with multiple assortments, such as fruits with nuts, chocolates, cheeses, fruit medleys and more!

“I go above and beyond to please my customers when they want a specific order,” said Neva. It comes as no surprise that personalised baskets are also an option and for that special baby shower coming up, there’s a special basket type for that too. Continue reading

CT Distributors Make Snacks Healthy and Irresistible

How often do you find a deliciously healthy snack made on St. Lucian soil?

If you had to think, hold that thought.

Claudia Edward of CT Distributors is the brains behind the most mouth-watering snacks you’ll ever sink your teeth into. Established nearly two years ago, Claudia generates her

tasty creations by crafting tamarind into several variations and flavours, including its natural form with sea salt, toffee, seedless and even gummy bears, all with less than five percent sugar.

However, before she could begin selling her products locally at Massy Stores, gas stations, malls and M&C Drugstore branches, and shipping them overseas, she had to start off in Thailand.

“While I was performing as a musician in Thailand I remember seeing a tamarind treat being sold. When I tried it, I absolutely loved it and I knew that locals back home would too,” said Claudia. The rest is history. Her lineup of tamarind treats currently boasts an impressive six assortments. Continue reading

Shamar Marcus – Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production and Caribvybe

Capturing a moment, whether in still life or in video is currently part of our everyday life. Photography and videography have become habitual or second nature to us. There’s a certain art and skill in photography that goes just beyond picking up a camera and snapping a picture, and few people acquire it.

Working a regular eight-hour job, Shamar Marcus has found his passion outside of his day job. For Shamar, founder of Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production, his passion focuses on drone photography. The idea, as stated by Shamar, came about when he received his first drone as a gift and decided to put it to productive use. Shamar stated that his idea was initially a business maneuver but as time went by, he found a passion for his work. Continue reading

Kadeen Servin – redefining the Unique Art of Pastry Making

Doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, rice krispies treats, chocolate-covered oreos and cake pops. This, pastry lovers, is a small taste of what’s in store for you with All You Knead. Meet

Kadeen Servin, the proud owner of ‘All You Knead’ pastry shop. The business is fast becoming the go- to place for some of the most creative and mouth- watering pastry delicacies in Saint Lucia.

They specialise in personally customised cakes and pastries, although occasionally catering to weddings and baby showers. While pastry-making wasn’t her original intention, she soon realised that her skill would be put to use best when being creative with cake designs. Continue reading

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