Dazzle Magazine Issue 15

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We often hear or read about how entrepreneurship can help to boost the development of Saint Lucia’s economy. The significance of this statement  is  borne  out  by  the  reality that current statistics show that the island currently has an overall unemployment rate of 25% and a youth unemployment rate above 40%. Many people have lost their jobs over the past two years, and quite a number of them have turned to self-employment and entrepreneurship to   survive.

As you are aware, Dazzle Magazine has been a strong promoter of entrepreneurship, and we will continue steadfastly to inspire the nation, especially the youths, to consider starting their own businesses. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 14

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During the last week of September, I travelled to Barbados together with two young Saint Lucian entrepreneurs, namely Mandisa Morrison, managing director of Shoe Rehab, and Monetta Wislon, the managing director of Sayana Yoga.

We embarked on this journey on behalf of the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust accompanied by Titus Preville, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Chris Husbands and Agnella Joseph, the chairman and the program coordinator of Junior Achievement Saint Lucia respectively.

It was definitely an inspiring experience. I was able to meet and network with other regional entrepreneurs who market different products and services but share a similar drive and passion for entrepreneurship.

I also had the opportunity to share my entrepreneurial experience with the audience at the summit. I emphasized that doing business is not as easy as it may seem and one needs to be focused and dedicated in order for their business to survive. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 13

By Rankin Morgan

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It is often said that there is no ‘i’ in team or ‘teamwork makes the dream work,’ which implies that no single individual can claim total credit or responsibility for a team’s success. ‘Team’ in this context does not only relate to sports but also to the people who make up a company, business or organization. Their collective contributions are extremely important in a company’s daily operations and their rate of productivity determines whether or not a company is successful.

On the other hand, I like the phrase ‘You are only as strong as the weakest member on your team’ – meaning that despite all the great plans and ideas you may have for your business, if your team members are not focused and cannot execute their tasks efficiently, then this can negatively impact your business and prevent it from succeeding. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 12

By Rankin Morgan

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Dazzle Magazine, Issue 12, is here! Thank you for picking up what I’m sure you’ll find to be a fascinating, very informative and diverse issue.

Recently, I was approached by two enthusiastic young men, namely Yanoi Fevrier and Nyus Alfred from Vieux-Fort, who told me they always look forward to every single issue of Dazzle. They found the magazine to be very inspiring, and they said they could relate to the issues discussed in the articles and the life experiences of the personalities who are featured. Surprisingly, they said they had once planned to start a sports magazine but were not motivated to do so until they picked up their first issue of Dazzle. We kept in touch for the next few months, sharing ideas, including collaborating on a sports section for Dazzle Magazine. These two young men exhibited great enthusiasm and they were extremely passionate about sports journalism.

Soon we began working together and conducted their first photo shoot, which was challenging. However, in true Dazzle fashion we pressed on, undaunted, and overcame every obstacle. I advised them on the writing style that would suit the magazine and gave them a crash course in social media management. Now I can proudly say that they are the ones responsible for our ever-growing sports section. It’s good to see that Dazzle Magazine can help turn dreams into reality. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 11

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by Rankin Morgan

Can you believe that Dazzle Magazine turned two a couple of months ago? This is definitely a milestone for 123 Digital Limited and the Dazzle team. We owe it all to you, our loyal readers and advertisers who have supported us over the past 24 months. Without your support, Dazzle Magazine would not have been possible.

As we press on, we will continue to feed your appetite for captivating and enjoyable content as we’ll be pushing a lot more of it online. We will also be increasing content in the Professional Progress and Mastering Marketing categories to inform and inspire young entrepreneurs and provide them with tips and guidance on how to run a successful business.

Also, on our website we have included an Out & About gallery under the entertainment section, which contains photos from recent events. I urge you to check it out – go through the various gallery albums to see what St. Lucia’s event management companies have been up to!

As with all the other issues of Dazzle Magazine, this latest one features some remarkable young individuals who are self-motivated and determined to achieve their goals. This time I won’t give too much away, except to say that once again, the personalities featured are quite fascinating and they’re making great things happen. You really don’t want to miss it, so I encourage you to read through this entire issue.

With that said, I’d like to wish everyone a pleasant read and I hope Dazzle Magazine continues to captivate and inspire you.

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Dazzle Magazine Issue 10

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It is often said that success doesn’t come easy nor does it come overnight, unless you win the national lottery. If you’re an entrepreneur, that would certainly be a welcomed cash injection into your business!

One’s ability to succeed depends on how determined one is to accomplish a goal, and how passionate the individual is about what they do. This passion is the driving force that pushes an entrepreneur and gives him/her the determination and the will to survive in any economic climate, even when financial support is hard to come by.

Recently I attended the closing ceremony of a three-day workshop called START (Start Today Attain Results Tomorrow) hosted by The School of Business Entrepreneurs (TSOBE). They teamed up with Sandals and other partners to give a group of young individuals the opportunity to receive training on how to start a business. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 9

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of conversing with a few young and inspiring individuals at the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports National Youth Award ceremony. They were all enthusiastic and energetic, and clearly very dedicated and willing to assist others in their community.

It was a joy to learn about their achievements over the past year and to know that their voluntary work did not go unrecognised. The award winners definitely deserved their accolades on the Big Night. It was quite inspiring to see the youth come together, all of them united in their determination to excel and uplift their communities through the various projects they have been championing, despite the many obstacles they’ve encountered.

They were not motivated by the promise of monetary gain but by sheer passion and their commitment to service. It has been said that passion is pure energy. It energises everything and everyone around you and it transfers into whatever you’re doing, leading to positive results. Just imagine what can be achieved when a group of people come together with a common passion and a common purpose, putting all their efforts into accomplishing a common goal. We could move mountains! Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 8

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As I sat putting my thoughts together, I couldn’t help reflecting on the evolution of Dazzle Magazine & all the wonderful &  intelligent people I’ve met on this exciting journey. With each issue I felt motivated & inspired by the aspiring young Saint Lucians whom we have featured, & what I have learned from them. Among other things, they have taught me never to give up on your dreams & hard work and dedication pays off.

It is definitely not easy being a young entrepreneur & starting a new business in these difficult economic times. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time talking about the constant challenges they face & what they need to do to satisfy their clients & customers & gain their confidence so that they continue to patronize their business. They work hard seven days a week, & often endure sleepless nights since you have no specific open or close times when you operate your own business. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 7

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Salutations and thank you for logging on to Dazzle Magazine issue 7. It is often said that the pleasure of life is to work hard, but also to work smart in trying to achieve your goals. Many of the personalities we have featured in past and current issues have been a living testament to this adage. They’ve managed to survive in these difficult economic times and reap the rewards of success by virtue of pure determination. Those young and talented Saint Lucians have shared their experiences with us so that we can better understand the challenges they’ve had to face, and also to encourage others. I would like to wish all of them continued success in the New Year. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Issue 6

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It gives me great joy to present Dazzle Magazine Issue 6 as this issue marks our first-year anniversary!

Over the past few months we had the pleasure of interviewing several gifted Saint Lucians, both home and abroad. Their talent did not cease to amaze me. These individuals are self motivated with a burning desire to succeed. Judging from feedback we’ve been receiving from readers, their life stories are proving to be a great source of inspiration. For us at Dazzle, this is the best part of it all! That said, I would like to thank all our readers, the featured personalities, advertisers, contributors and fans, who have all made this possible. Continue reading


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