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BE A BUDDY NOT A BULLY: How the Tapion school is combating bullying among children

Bullying is a serious issue both locally and globally. Reports of students committing suicide under pressure from the effects of bullying have become an all too regular occurrence. Whilst there have been no such reported tragedies locally, the issue of bullying in schools is quite pervasive.

One school in the North – The Tapion School – has made its position clear on the issue with an Anti-Bullying Movement which commenced with a Kids Against Bullying event on June 28, 2018. The event featured engaging readings and thought provoking lessons by Loverly Sheridan who is a published local author of a book against bullying that is fittingly entitled ‘Be a Buddy not a Bully’. Kid- friendly performances by Ezra D’Funmachine and Teddyson John were also highlights of the event.

‘Buddy Up! Kids Against Bullying’ is the work of parents Shawnella Walters and Alana Morgan, along with Anya Alexander. Their passion for this movement came out of experiences with their own children witnessing as well as being victims of bullying at their previous schools.


Other schools, with the push from Ms. Sheridan and support from various entities and private citizens passionate about the cause are also planning similar events. Artist Jonathan Gladding started off with the Tapion School by building a Buddy Bench which was unveiled at the event in June. The bench is more than just a decorative piece for the school yard… it serves as a place where saddened or bullied children can sit with a friend to seek encouragement and solace, therefore fostering togetherness and working towards eradicating bullying.

If you would like information on how to plan your own Kids Against Bullying event email BuddyUp! at buddyupstlucia@gmail.com

2018 Massy United Insurance Schools Under-19 Final

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and Entrepot Secondary were forced to share the title as rain intervened to bring an abrupt end to the final of the 2018 Massy United

Insurance Under 19 Schools’ Cricket Competition at the Mindoo Philip Park Friday 27th May 2018.

A heavy shower into Sir Arthur’s chase left the outfield unplayable, particularly at the bowlers’ run ups as the defending champions Sir Arthur chased a modest 92 for victory.

Entrepot Secondary won the toss, decided to bat and struggled to an eventual score of 91 all out off 26.1 overs. That was thanks mainly to a brave middle order knock of bold resistance by left handed batsman Craig Elisee who struck a face saving 32. Entrepot, at one stage, were reeling on 35 for five.

Doing the early damage was Man of the Match Dudley Charles, who had impressive figures of 5 for 27 in six overs. He was ably supported by Rahym Joseph, who claimed two scalps for 15 runs in eight overs. Continue reading

St. Lucia’s Carnival Queen Pageant – The Inside Story!

Every year, several beautiful young women vie for the right to be named St. Lucia’s National Carnival Queen and to wear the crown that goes with it.

Without a doubt, carnival in St. Lucia has changed over the years, and so has the Queen Pageant. If you’ve never been to one, you might think it’s simply another beauty pageant. However, it’s much more than that.

We’ve already seen the young ladies chosen for the 2018 Carnival Queen Pageant and just maybe you’ve made up your mind whom you’ll be cheering for.

The pageant has always been a staple of carnival. It brings to the whole revelry an element of elegance, royalty and sophistication that you might not necessarily get with Mas on the road.  In addition, the winner goes on to represent St. Lucia at regional pageants. In the absence of a ‘Miss St. Lucia’ competition, the winner of the Carnival Queen Pageant will represent her country. It’s one of the reasons for the staging of the National Queen Pageant. Continue reading

Add Some Beets to Your Diet

We’ve got another interesting food that you should welcome to your diet plan!

Beets,oftencalledbeetroots,aresaidtobe an ancient food that grew naturally along coast lines in North Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Sincethen,it has been established that they are not just healthy,they are also very useful foods. Here are the reasons why you should add some beets to your diet.


They help the heart.

Beets contain the nutrient betaine. This nutrient lowers the levels of homocysteine in the body, which can be harmful to the blood vessels. Strokes and heart attacks are less likely to develop as a result. Beet greens(the leafy part) actually have even more iron than spinach (another leafy green in the same botanical family).

Continue reading

Women vs Men in the Workplace

We hear it all the time: “Times have changed,” and this is most certainly true when we think of ‘women in business’.

Today we see women making outstanding moves in fields known to be dominated by men for centuries. However, most of us are aware that this wasn’t always the case. It’s no doubt been a long and arduous journey for women to establish themselves as equals in the labour force.

For the most part, women have come a long way from being oppressed, both in the home and the workplace. Men and women have always been at odds with each other in society. Society has been harsh to both genders, in some cases. Men have always had to keep up this façade of being the ‘one in charge’, in every situation possible. They needed to be the man of the house at home, the boss at work and nothing less than strong and masculine in between. Women weren’t the only ones with difficulties finding their footing. Continue reading

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Trans-Humanism

The rudimentary ideas of ground-breaking advancements in technology were once reserved only for the world of science fiction. From the imaginative minds behind sci-fi classics like the Terminator, Robo-Cop, I-Robot and Chappie, to name a few – not many believed they would be witnessing the inclusion of artificial intelligence models in the makeup of our strangely modern, brave new world. In the progression of this techno-revolution that appears now to be unstoppable, sights are set on the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, trans-humanism and biometrics. In a subtle manner, it has crept in all around us. It’s in our smartphones and smart televisions, tablets and iPads, smart 3D headphones, credit cards and RFID scanners, to name a few. Yet, amidst the glamour of a promised tech-utopia, critics are sceptical over the true motives of leading technology moguls of artificial intelligence, and whether their presence will serve to benefit or deficit mankind. Continue reading

Get More Done With this Simple Routine

Successful people, especially the famous ones, seem to squeeze an unimaginable amount of stuff into their 24 hours that most of us can’t seem to comprehend. It’s something that
we’d all aspire to as an ideal.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably aware that your daily routine isn’t as structured as you need it to be. We all have plenty of things that need to be done often so that we can fulfill our needs and wants, and achieve goals. Having your day planned out is a great way to get more done and feel more satisfied with your days. Here are a few steps to guide you to the organised path.

Decide Your Day’s Workload
This doesn’t have to be done all in one sitting. Pro Tip: Carry around a small notebook and make notes as things come along throughout your day. What’s important is that you jot down everything that you do daily. Don’t forget to include the things that you should be doing but never get the time to do … like that online course you’ve been meaning to start or that fitness program you’ve put off for so long. Continue reading

Independence is Not a Triumph – it’s a Mindset

On February 22, 1979 a young woman named Helen Lucia West decided to leave home and go out on her own. She considered herself independent and like a prodigal daughter, decided to go out on her own and never return, unlike her proverbial male counterpart, the Prodigal Son.

As a child she was forced to endure a nasty custody battle between her separated parents, Francis and Elizabeth, resulting in 14 home changes. Each time she had to learn, unlearn and relearn behaviours and customs. Her dad was French and her mother English. Dad could not stand her broken French; mom equally could not stand her broken English. She forever felt like a stepchild, never really feeling like she belonged. She was always praised for her beauty, intelligence and potential. Helen could particularly remember a Caucasian man commonly known as Uncle Sam who often showed an interest in her. He continuously praised her for her beauty and somehow could not get enough of her Pitons. To date, he makes it his duty to visit her, usually during the winter months. Helen knew in her heart she had what it took to make it on her own and she was destined to do it. Continue reading

The Price We Pay for a Fatherless Generation

There is no disputing the epidemic proportions and outcomes of fatherlessness in this generation. Whether it be the physical absence of a father or a father’s presence minus the emotional attachment – both have detrimental effects on our communities.

With an increase in sexual promiscuity and single- parent homes, and a corresponding decrease in committed marriages, active fathers and the recognition of the importance of masculinity in society this generation is not only being dubbed the lawless generation but also the fatherless generation. The repercussions of this pervade our culture and are even re-defining the family structure.

Continue reading

How To Keep Your Life Moving in the Right Direction

Successful people are usually always goal setters and achievers. I challenge you to find a successful person who has not mastered the art of personal accomplishment. But is goal

setting really the key to their success? As a young professional or aspiring entrepreneur, you probably have a list of SMART goals located in an easily accessible place to remind you of your roadmap to success. However, what if I told you that sometimes goal setting, and your goals in and of themselves, may be two of the biggest overrated strategies to achieve success. Although important, they are secondary to something that is more critical to your advancement.

According to Fred Smith Sr, former president of the US management consulting firm – Fred Smith Associates and a world-renowned leadership guru, “choosing a goal in life is not our most important decision  choosing our direction is.” Goal setting and achieving are important and fulfilling. They result in endless rewards and an increased drive to keep moving. But why is it that so many successful goal achievers aren’t happy and fulfilled? A great job, benefits, a lovely family yet something seems lacking. Continue reading

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