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Kendell ‘Scady’ Eugene: ‘I Love What I Do’

With a voice as familiar and attention-grabbing as his, it’s hard to imagine Kendell Eugene not being the biggest personality in every room he sets foot in. But as Dazzle Magazine has learned in conversation with the multi-talented artiste, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Coming off of a birthday celebration on March 24, he felt at ease reminiscing on his growth as a journalist and most of all, a human being.

“The person you know as Scady Dot P isn’t always who I was. It’s more of a persona I’ve developed in the media. The name came from my days as a member of the George Charles Secondary School dance group, ‘Sliders’. The Dot P came about when Jay Z released his S. CARTERS shoe line. In my wild world I imagined having my own shoe line someday and I would’ve called it Dot P’s. Continue reading

Up Close and Personal with Riddim Master Lashley ‘Motto’ Winter

“It’s just a matter of me knowing where I want to be in my musical career”Lashley Wendell Winter

The argument can be made that Dennery Segment is one of the most beloved genres of music in the Caribbean. One name that is sure to come up in the genre which has become such a widespread phenomenon, is ‘Motto.’

Lashley Wendell Winter, as he’s formally known, from Grace, Vieux Fort, has more than seven years in the music production business, and has been a performance artiste for about four years. He’s the mastermind behind massive hits like Bend Down, Guttah, Shell Dong, Party Lit and much more — either as producer or songwriter. His brand has crossed borders, not only regionally, but to the U.K. and the U.S. as well.

Undoubtedly, that’s a lot to achieve at 23 years of age, not to mention a lot to boast about. Yet, he carries this sense of calm with him. It’d be hard to see him without our flag dangling from his pants pocket — at all times too. Here’s how Dazzle Magazine’s candid conversation with the Dennery Segment superstar went…

For our readers, give us a brief background on who you are. Continue reading

Andra Allen-Joseph – Honouring the Inner You to Reveal Your Outer Beauty

Andra Allen-Joseph is a Trinidadian beauty specialist who has decided to settle in St. Lucia. She moved here in 2003 with a degree in analytical chemistry after deciding she wanted to do more with her life. She felt the rat race of Trinidad was no longer for her.

“It just didn’t feel like me. It’s like you get up in the morning, spend endless time in traffic to get to a job you don’t like and then come home exhausted. Then you have to do it all over the next day,” says Andra.

She and her then boyfriend, Gregory now husband, decided that it was time for them to make a change. They are both university graduates. They wanted to move to a place that would benefit them both. Andra had never wandered far from home, so moving out of the Caribbean didn’t feel right. Eventually, she and Gregory set their sights on St. Lucia, and it has been their home ever since. Andra is a professional makeup artist and Eyelash Extensionist. She’s the proprietor of Planet StilettoLash Lounge and Makeup Studio located in Rodney Bay.

Aside from her academic degree, Andra has many talents, including a flair for writing. She loves to write beauty articles and is a contributor to She Caribbean magazine. Andra did us the honour of sitting for an interview, during which she spoke at length about her life and her journey into the challenging world of owning your own business. Continue reading

By Charlie’s Event Planning Passion Turns Events into Works of Art

Whenever we attend an event, we always look forward to a well-organized and beautifully decorated occasion, be it a wedding, a family gathering, a dinner or just a normal party. Planning events require lots of energy, hard work and patience.

In years past, event planning in St. Lucia basically centered on the same theme — tropical flowers, bamboo, you know … the island setting. You saw it everywhere, and it never occurred to most of us how basic it all was; that is, until we finally got a more professional handle on things.

Even then, for many it was — and still is — just another way of making money. However, with ‘By Charlie’ it’s different. They take the ordinary and turn their clients’ events into beautiful, artistic settings.

Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Cooper is the brains behind By Charlie. Born in London, she established the business after moving to St. Lucia almost five years ago. Although she only acquired permanent residency recently as she married her St. Lucian born husband, St. Lucia has become her home.

We got a chance to chat with Charlie, during which she shared with us her successes and the challenges she’s had to face, including what it’s like being a mother and managing a business. Continue reading

Daly Mariatte Ladera’s High Powered and Visionary GM

As we could all imagine, working in the hotel industry requires both a strong mind and a strong heart.

Tough as it is, Daly Mariatte manages to excel in her role as general manager of Ladera Resort in Soufriere.

Daly is an experienced young professional who has worked in the airline industry with Virgin Atlantic for nearly ten years, before moving to the hospitality industry where she’s been for almost nine years.

She’s the mother of a young daughter, juggling her personal life and her career on a daily basis. Such a high-powered woman is bound to turn heads, and being the youngest general manager in Saint Lucia, Daly Mariatte is doing just that.

We wanted to know more about the enchanting and serene resort in the south that Daly manages, so we sat down with her to talk about her role as general manager, and the inner workings of Ladera.

Dazzle: How did you know that hospitality would turn out to be your career path? Continue reading

Lanadeene Rene – Making waves one stitch at a time

Unique designs, both with clothes and swim wear are hard to come about these days. DIY fashion is all the rave and Lanadeene Rene, is a hit. You’ve seen her designs multiple times, whether it be for personal clients, or huge events like Vice and Remedy beach parties, she brings you the most daring swim wears. We sat down with Lanadeene Rene who operates on a small scale, her fashion business for the past two years, which bears her name “Lanadeene”. She told us how she started sewing, her business, why and how difficult it’s been for her in the fashion industry.

‘Lanadeene’ is a unique handmade brand targeting modern-day go-getter women. The brand offers ready to wear and custom made swimwear, signifying fun prints and colours with its own creative identity, keeping the target market in mind; offering monokinis with flattering cuts, Continue reading

JOHANAN Breaking New Ground in Regional Bio-Organics Innovation

Johanan Dujon is the managing director and founder of Algas Organics, a company that is set to transform agriculture in Saint Lucia and the livelihoods of the island’s farming and horticultural communities.

Four years ago, Johanan made history by becoming the first Caribbean national to create a bio-organic product from the destructive Sargassum seaweed which has been washing up on the shores of many Caribbean islands, including Saint Lucia, causing major headaches in the affected districts. Realising the devastation the seaweed has been causing in local fishing communities, particularly in Dennery and Micoud, Johanan decided to investigate the problem to see if he could come up with a solution.

Eventually, he not only figured out how to get rid of the seaweed, he discovered that it could be processed and turned into a bio- stimulant capable of improving the nutrient intake of plants and boosting the growth and development of their roots. He named the product Algas Total Plant Tonic. In 2014, with the backing of his family, Johanan registered his company, Algas Organics, and the product hit the market in 2015.


Last year Johan captured the 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Saint Lucia Business Awards, an accolade that acknowledged his company’s innovativeness and its dedication to promoting environmental conservation and awareness. Continue reading

Legends Carnival Band – Playing Was Our Way

Being one of the newer bands, Legends has brought forth a different kind of look to Saint Lucia carnival. We sat down with Jenna-Anne Gaston, Zinaida McNamara, Maundy Lewis and Jenella Gaston, the founding team, who were happy to shed some light on how they’ve gotten to where they are now and what we can expect from Legends in the future.

Dazzle: Tell us about Legends Carnival Band.
Legends: Quite a few people know our history, so we want to say something different. We want to say something that’s not already on our website. I think what’s really important is that we’re all friends. Before we started the band, we were friends. Being female for one, people believe that we cannot work together. Of course, there’s always going to be arguments and disagreements but we still manage to push through, and we still manage to maintain both friendship and being business partners. We’d like to send a message out there to say that you can do it. We did it, and it wasn’t easy, it hasn’t been easy but you can do it and be successful. Continue reading

Lamar & Shameela – Energizing St. Lucian Nightlife

Over the last six years, St. Lucia has seen many nightlife locales come and go. Some last for a few years, others for a few months.

Many St. Lucians have been searching for nighttime dining and entertainment spots that would make them feel at home and where they could be themselves, besides the normal Gros Islet Street Party. Usually, there is a dry spell in the calendar of events for the year, with the majority of parties happening around the months of June and July. In 2011, a local brand emerged on the scene, adding excitement to Saint Lucia’s night and party life like never before.

Meet Lamar Sifflet and Shameela Rambally, the faces behind the brand ‘Verve’ —the latest addition to St. Lucia’s nightlife landscape. Continue reading

ROCHAD ‘Kiedel’ SONNY Talented, Ambitious and in Control

A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realise how blessed you are for what you have.” – Kevin Heart.

He is the host of the mid-morning Vybe on Vybe Radio and co-host of Choice TV’s “Thursdays of Christmas.” A seemingly jovial young man who says he is quite shy, Rochad Sonny, popularly known as ‘Kiedel,’ is a multi-talented young Saint Lucian gifted with musical, acting and videographic talents. Dazzle recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him for a peek inside his world to see what makes him tick.

Dazzle: Describe Kiedel for our readers.

Kiedel: I am an entertainer. My medium for entertaining is acting, music and cinematography.

Continue reading

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