Dazzle Magazine Issue 17

Success does not come overnight. It takes hard work, discipline, education, dedication and experience to achieve your goal over a period of time. Any great business idea needs to be developed   and nurtured to become successful. In order to ensure a business succeeds, business owners or managers need to pay close attention to their operations and they must be able to deliver a quality product or service consistently.

Dazzle Magazine encourages young entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners to continue working at developing your business and never give up, even when times may seem difficult. Do your utmost to produce a quality product and top-class service in order to satisfy your customers. More importantly, keep working at it continuously.

In this issue, Dazzle Magazine features four young passionate individuals from various backgrounds who took the plunge by starting their own businesses. Their unique stories are a testament to what many others like them have demonstrated – entrepreneurial success is possible.

Please feel free to recommend any young entrepreneur who you think should be featured in Dazzle Magazine. You can contact us online at www.dazzlethemag.com/contact-us or on Facebook via www.facebook.com/dazzlethemag. With that said, I wish you happy reading.


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