Dazzle Magazine Issue 18

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Passion can be defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Over the past few years, Dazzle Magazine has featured numerous individuals who all have one thing in common. They are passionate about their business ideas and career paths, and they are determined to succeed.

This perseverance is one of the defining characteristics of the entrepreneurial spirit and the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Confidence is another characteristic that I would like to touch on as I do think it plays a vital role in determining how effective you are going to be in getting your products or service to market.

I believe that confidence and passion go hand in hand. As much as you may be passionate about your business idea, you must believe that it will work. You need to have confidence and the ability to sell your product or service properly and effectively in order to persuade potential customers or investors to buy into it.

Persuading individuals to purchase your product/service is not only vital, it is definitely one of the major avenues to opening up your initial revenue stream, and will quite likely remain one of the key ways of growing and strengthening your business. Therefore, it should not be taken for granted. This, in a nutshell, is how you convert your passion and confidence into cash.

Remember, success doesn’t come overnight. It may take a few sleepless nights to achieve your goal but despite that, continue to persevere and be guided by your passion. Let it drive you forward.

In issue 18 we put the spotlight on three passionate individuals who are not prepared to give up on their dream. They are extremely enthusiastic about their business ventures and their chosen career path and they show no signs of slowing down. I hope their inspiring stories captivate you as we continue to showcase Saint Lucia’s dedicated young entrepreneurs and professionals.


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