House of Balloons 758 – Making Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Who doesn’t love to celebrate? An 18th birthday party, the wedding of two soul mates, even a college graduation are all equally worthy of being etched in our memories. Apart from the joy and togetherness, one thing that all of the events above have in common is that they all require balloons. Balloons are so simple yet essential to a great party or celebratory gathering.

‘House of Balloons 758’ is where it’s all at. Located on Instagram and Facebook @HouseofBalloons758, the online delivery-based service has “bloomed and blossomed very quickly” according to one of the founding members, Aljay Scott. Together with his business partner, Kandice Delice, they founded their business in July 2016. Since then, orders have been rolling in rapidly, even as far as California!

Perhaps the most popular birthday accessories nowadays are giant number balloons. Alongside these, House of Balloons offers birthday sashes and badges, candles, rose petals, helium balloon filling, balloon arches and many more decor-related products that are sure to add flare to your event.

Experiencing these moments for yourself is only half of the bigger picture. House of Balloons offers discounted quality photography for the duration of any event, upon request.

  • Instagram: houseofballoons758
  • Facebook: house of balloons 758/@balloons758
  • Contact Numbers 726-7272/728-2898


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