Masana Morisson – ‘I was Destined for Radio’

A wise Woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim”. – Maya Angelou

Masana Morrison the morning voice on The Wave radio station has displayed her wisdom by capitalizing on every opportunity that came her way to solidify her place as one of St. Lucia’s top radio personalities. Moreover, she has the distinction of being the only radio broadcaster to serve as a spokesperson for both mobile providers.

Dazzle Magazine sat down with Masana to get the full story.

Many of us have heard the voice and the name, but who is Masana Morrison?

A  simple  individual  who enjoys music, movies and fun.


Tell us about your background and how it influenced where you are today?

I think it was just meant to happen. At first I wanted to be a lawyer, then a psychiatrist. However, working in radio was always a desire. As a child I would fall asleep by the radio or walk around the house interviewing people. When I look back at home videos, I conclude that this path was destined for me.


How were you introduced to radio?

When I left college in 2007 I planned to continue my studies in Miami but I felt that I needed a break and that I should experience what the working world was like for a while. I applied for an admin job at Radio Saint Lucia. While there, Garfield Alexander (the head of programming), invited me on the station’s Christmas Kaleidoscope show and that was it.

From then I was on the outside broadcast team, visiting schools and interviewing teachers. It was an eye-opener for me. When my stint ended, Garfield advised me not to stop because I had “it.” In my mind I thought “where else can I get this opportunity?”Then, in 2009, Tony Paul who was at the time the Program Director at Hit Radio wanted me on the station, and during my three years there I chose to use this opportunity to learn the nitty gritty of radio and stand out. I had my own mid-morning show and got into production and voicing of commercials. Michael Rogers called me one day and I made the move to The Wave. It has been seven years and counting. I started with a mid-morning show and currently, I am on the early morning program with Mike, he saw alot of potential in me and was constantly pushing me to go further. I also do programming, production, graphics and promotions. Outside of radio, I present the Business News on Choice TV for the past three years. Further, opportunities such as hosting, presented themselves over the years.

How many years have you been in the field and share some key moments that molded you as a professional?

I have been in the field for approximately 11 years. Most of my learning was by trial and error, very few things were taught to me. With this in mind I propelled myself to work harder at being the best. The opportunity to interview persons from all walks of life opened my eyes to a lot whether it be a minister, an artist or a singer there’s so much you could learn from others. For sure hosting of prestigious events like the  St Lucia Business Awards, St Lucia Jazz among others. Becoming an ambassador for both LIME (at the time) and Digicel (doing billboards and all that), and working closely with Massy Stores as being their ‘corporate voice’ to name a few.


What does your profession require of you?

I need to be up to date on everything happening, locally, regionally, internationally, in music and entertainment, and it’s important to have a lot of general knowledge. As a media person I must always be prepared for whatever comes next.


Does it require you to listen to your competitors?

I listen to everyone; we all have a different style and approach, which is refreshing. I appreciate everyone for their unique contribution because, at the end of the day, we have to work together. I have experienced the bad side of this industry where others believed I was doing ‘too much’, hosting of events and stuff and tried to block the opportunities for me. But my faith is strong and I truly believe there is enough space for everyone to shine without having to step on each other’s toes or ‘fight down’ anyone. No one can stop what destined for you.


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I get paid to be myself. I don’t need to put on a show or try to be someone else.


Which part of your job do people understand the least?

People think it’s easy because it appears as though we just talk into a mic. However, we must be able to captivate, engage and retain various types of listeners. It could be mentally draining.


How supportive has your family been of you pursuing a radio career?

My family members are my biggest cheerleaders, especially my big sister Mandisa, her words of advise really keep me going. My best friend Anna-Lee who always used to say I would be doing this in the future constantly reminds me of all I have achieved. Sometimes, when I say this (job) is not for me, they believe there’s nothing I can’t due and that keeps me motivated.


Who is your role model?

I never give this much thought; everyone inspires me. Faith is my biggest soul feeder. I read inspirational quotes and writings to keep me positive and focused on what I set out to achieve. And I pray….alot! Life is hard no matter who you are or your profession, so I choose to consistently surround myself with positivity. “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.


What impression do you want to leave with your listeners and aspiring radio broadcasters?

Be strong, develop a tough skin. Keep believing in yourself and don’t stop, no matter what. Everyone has an opinion. Their thoughts are not your reality. Masana displays a high level of tenacity and is determined to succeed by making the most of every available opportunity for personal advancement. The Dazzel team cheers her on and encourages her to maintain a positive attitude, knowing that the sky is the limit.


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