The Price We Pay for a Fatherless Generation

There is no disputing the epidemic proportions and outcomes of fatherlessness in this generation. Whether it be the physical absence of a father or a father’s presence minus the emotional attachment – both have detrimental effects on our communities.

With an increase in sexual promiscuity and single- parent homes, and a corresponding decrease in committed marriages, active fathers and the recognition of the importance of masculinity in society this generation is not only being dubbed the lawless generation but also the fatherless generation. The repercussions of this pervade our culture and are even re-defining the family structure.

To fully grasp the far-reaching effects of fatherlessness, we must assess the present state of society. Its impacts are observed in our homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and prisons. The website cites statistics which show that 85 percent of the youth in US prisons grew up without a father; 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions are fatherless and 85 percent of rapists are motivated by displaced anger stemming from fatherless homes. According to the Urban Dictionary, displaced anger occurs “when you direct your angry thoughts and feelings at someone or something that is safe or convenient, rather than the actual source of your anger.” In addition, 71 percent of high school dropouts were raised in fatherless homes and lastly, 71 percent of pregnant teens have a fatherless background.

A U.S. Census Bureau study revealed a triple-percent increase of single-parent matriarchal homes with children under 18 years of age, from 1960-2012. The question must be asked; are fathers going extinct?

The sad truth is that today’s culture portrays fathers as unimportant, incompetent dopes, and effective fatherhood as minimally essential to a child’s upbringing – a mode of thinking which underplays the consequences for future generations. The facts, however, reveal the dire condition of entire nations around the world as being the result of a fatherless generation. These nations are now reaping the harvest of angry, vulnerable and misguided souls thrust into a system that capitalizes on their feelings of neglect, confusion and their need for validation. Lacking the disciplined guidance and morals of a Godly father, many children are swept away by the tide of Godlessness that the world has to offer.

In light of the Marxist cultural game plan and sexual revolution, the reconfiguration of marriage and the family structure are top on the list of their agenda. The dissemination of propaganda through pornographic material, motion pictures and even children’s cartoons has led to a noticeable breakdown in cultural standards and values. All of this is done in an attempt to undermine all morality and, more so, those who uphold it, namely Christian conservatives. These mediums purposefully portray a reformation of social and cultural fundamentals, which, in times past, laid the foundation for entire nations and generations, in particular the nuclear family unit. By Merriam Webster’s definition, a nuclear family group consists only of a father, mother and children.

As the moral fabric of all human reasoning and the absoluteness of truth are continually perverted and ostracized, there needs to be pillars of truth left standing for successive generations to rest upon. In a time when the concepts of right and wrong are diluted and an entire generation is made to conform to a counter-productive mindset, the threat of devolution has never been more apparent. It begins with you – the parent – not the teacher within the education system and definitely not the popular culture that has thus far succeeded in moulding a callously narcissistic, intellectually impoverished, hyper-sexualized breed of degenerative young people who care little about the course of this world.

The world’s present dilemma is aptly depicted by the words of the English novelist, George Orwell: “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” Similarly, when the morals of the majority are suppressed to justify the licentiousness of a few, the brave few among the many must stand for truth without compromise.


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