Why the iPhone XR is Worth Considering

With Apple’s latest smartphones -the iPhone XS and XS Max- snatching the headlines, there’s a third iPhone in Apple’s lineup for 2019 that  may have flown under your radar. Considering the specs and details of the XR, we can safely say that this is an upgrade meant for those who own any iPhone released before the X and are looking for a decent enough upgrade.

As far as similarities to the new XS, the XR features some of the same specs, including the new A12 Bionic chip, an improved 12MP camera on the back that records 4K up to 60fps, plus other cool features like Face ID to unlock.

What the XR doesn’t share with the flagship models is the display resolution. Where that is concerned, the XR features a 6.1 inch 1792×828 LCD display (as opposed to the OLED displays on pricier models). What other users familiar with the iPhone since 2007 won’t be privy to is the front home button which also doubles as a fingerprint reader. With the absence of this design on Apple’s most high-end phone, and now on their most affordable smartphone, we can all but confirm that the new, almost bezel-less display with a notch, is the way forward for Apple.

Speaking of bezels, those on the XR are just slightly thicker than the XS and are only noticeable when compared side by side. But for those coming from an 8+ or anything prior to that, this will amount to a huge step forward in terms of having a higher screen- to-body ratio.

What the XR lacks with its new display is 3D Touch. For those who were avid users of this feature, there is an alternative. In some areas, like the control centre, there is a long press option which functions similarly. The unique advantage that potential XR buyers would have are the six new colour options available, including Coral, Yellow, Product RED and blue, alongside the expected white and black. Think iPhone 5C when imagining the colours available.

With the iPhone XR starting at US$749 for the base model 64GB version, it does establish itself as Apple’s latest, most affordable smartphone with not much sacrificed when compared to the more expensive XS. When browsing for a new phone to replace your old faithful, the iPhone XR is worth checking out.

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