XBox One S – The Centerpiece of Your Home Entertainment

Over the past decade, video game consoles have become more than just a fun distraction for children at home on summer break. Since 2000, consoles have made inroads into the realm of new media due to their ability to play DVDs, among other things. Fast forward 16 years and you find that consoles have become more of a staple in the family living room, relatively speaking. One of those consoles is the Xbox One S. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Microsoft’s latest and most powerful home console.

Superb Design Aesthetic

Whether you care to admit it or not, looks are definitely a factor that you consider when buying any product. Compared to the previous Xbox One, the S model is 40 percent smaller and much more aesthetically pleasing with its panda-like colour scheme. Not only does it take up much less space, its sleek, dimpled design is something that will catch your eye every time you walk past it. Continue reading

The Secret to Prosperity – Don’t Work for Money, Let Money Work for You

Before you decide to become a business owner, ensuring that your financial and success blueprints are compatible with your dreams is of paramount importance.

What did you learn about money during childhood? Have you changed any of those ideas? Who were your models of success?

I recently heard someone say, “Why don’t movie stars take some of their money and just throw it into the crowds! They certainly have enough.” Continue reading

Boost Up Your Health with the Jap Pumpkin

We have quite a variety of fruits to snack on here in the Caribbean. Most times they are chosen for their health benefits, satisfying flavour or even their exotic look.

For those same reasons fruits are frequently chosen as a healthy alternative to the cheese puffs and sweet biscuits that many of us are drawn to when considering a snack. Without casting aspersions on other fruits and their undeniable benefits, a closer look at Jap pumpkin will reveal noteworthy perks for any fruit lover.

Jap pumpkin was originally called Kabocha squash/ pumpkin. This name is used in North America, UK and Japan. It is also known as Kent pumkin. Jap’ is short for Japanese pumpkin, which is what it is called in New Zealand and Australia. It is an Asian variety of winter squash from the species Cucurbita maxima. Continue reading

ZEN: The Premium Night-Life Experience

There’s no doubt that the entertainment scene in Rodney Bay has been a much appreciated part of the party-goer’s experience here in Saint Lucia. Over the years, new spots have popped up becoming quite popular, while some have lost the hype and appeal they started with. But there’s one thing we can all agree on, there isn’t a true club in St. Lucia, much less in Rodney Bay where young professionals can kick-back and enjoy the night-life that is needed after a tasking week at the office. Continue reading

Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean – are We Doing Enough?

Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean – are we doing enough? The Caribbean is plagued with many issues such as unemployment and poverty.However, the rise in sex crimes, in particular those involving children, is troubling.

This disturbing trend is of grave concern due to the disastrous effects of sexual assault on a victim. Many survivors battle feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide for long periods of time after being abuse, often suffering from post traumatic stress disorder – a condition often associated with veterans returning from war, now common among survivors of abuse. In addition, survivors may have to live with sexually transmitted diseases they have contracted from the perpetrators. Continue reading

Pull Back and Take Aim at Your Dreams

An arrow can only be released by first pulling   it back. When life pulls you back, it simply means that you’re launching into  something amazing.” – Author Unknown.

Sometimes we have to follow the way of the arrow; pull back and actively rest in order to get to the next level.

Pull Back

First, assess the situation. What’s working? What’s not? How can you do better? How can you do more, and faster? Assess honestly. You may need your mentor to help you with this.

Actively Rest

You have to disrupt your old patterns. Equate this with a day at the beach. It’s a relaxing activity. You swim, you nap, you read.

Revisit your ideas, look for opportunities, raise capital.

Relaunch and Stretch

When it is time to try again, you will know. Trust yourself. Engage your comeback power and relaunch. Stretch!

“The stretch is the distance between your comfort zone and your dream. It is on the other side of normal and is required to fulfill your destiny.”Teneshia Jackson Warner (The Dream Project)

Get ready! You are about to Stretch!

Bonne Terre Preparatory School Fundraising Cocktail Event: ‘O Starry Night’

The Bonne Terre Preparatory School was the vision of a private educational institution with small class learning environments.  The school’s founder Jennifer Alexander was attempting to fulfil the need to provide private education in the north of the island. The school’s initial enrolment of nine students has multiplied throughout the years and currently the school in the only institution on island that caters for children from toddlers to Grade 11.

On September 14, 2017 the staff and students of the school will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  A number of events have been planned in celebration of this milestone. Continue reading

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – Now What? Addressing Support Needs in the Caribbean


Imagine that you are visiting a friend who cares for her mother. While there you notice that she has just helped her mom take a bath because she is unable to care for herself. Then you notice that her mother repeatedly asks her the same question: Who are you? Calmly, your friend repeats the same answer every time. You are shocked. How is it possible for a mother to be unable to recognise the face of her own child?

Sadly, this is the reality of many people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. It is the most common type of dementia, a condition which causes memory loss and creates difficulty with thinking, problem solving and language, as well as the ability to carry out familiar tasks. Patients also experience confusion with time and place, changes in mood and personality and often misplace their belongings. Though it is a progressive disease, treatments for the symptoms are available and research continues in an effort to find a cure. Continue reading

Quit Procrastinating and just DO SOMETHING!


Sometimes you must simply act. Trying beats sitting around wondering how things will turn out. Trust  that  you have what it takes or what is necessary to deal with whatever comes your way.

 Act now. The present moment is all that you have. Action will lead you to the resources that you need. Whatever your dream, you must act. You can always learn to do something better. Take advantage of courses, audio tapes, one-on-one classes or whatever suits your lifestyle. Remain open to new and better avenues of learning. Don’t get attached to one format. Allow yourself to explore.

The late and sagacious Emanuel James ‘Jim’ Rohn said, “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it better.”

He used the example of a baby’s first steps to illustrate this point. We celebrate its attempts at walking, indeed just learning to stand. We cheer on every trying step. Yet we do not extend the same tolerance to ourselves. Even Oprah Winfrey faltered in building her television network. Act now and remain open to learning.

If something is really important to you, why would you mind doing poorly at it until you learn how to do it better?

Grace Adds Exciting New Dimension to St. Lucia Carnival


Every year when the carnival season comes around there is usually a lot of brainstorming among band members and organisers about how to ensure that St. Lucia enjoys a safe and sober carnival celebration. Amidst all the fun, alcohol consumption is quite high resulting in persons becoming intoxicated and suffering from hangovers and all its debilitating effects.

This year Grace Foods, one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic food and beverage companies, known all throughout the world, joined forces with its St. Lucian distributor, Peter & Company Distribution and Just4Fun, St. Lucia’s largest carnival band, to introduce a groundbreaking new initiative which showed that you don’t have to sacrifice healthy lifestyle practices or your sobriety in order to play mas and have a great time.

PCD through the Grace and Seven Seas brands executed the Grace/ Seven Seas Sober Zones at five major carnival events where attendees were invited to relax and socialize as they reenergized before heading home by sampling Grace Soups and Haliborange Vitamin C packets. Continue reading


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