Shamar Marcus – Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production and Caribvybe

Capturing a moment, whether in still life or in video is currently part of our everyday life. Photography and videography have become habitual or second nature to us. There’s a certain art and skill in photography that goes just beyond picking up a camera and snapping a picture, and few people acquire it.

Working a regular eight-hour job, Shamar Marcus has found his passion outside of his day job. For Shamar, founder of Skycrew Aerial Photography and Video Production, his passion focuses on drone photography. The idea, as stated by Shamar, came about when he received his first drone as a gift and decided to put it to productive use. Shamar stated that his idea was initially a business maneuver but as time went by, he found a passion for his work.

Landscape aerial photography and videography take precedence over event photography for Skycrew. According to Shamar, the drone gives a picture or video an entirely different perspective when its viewed from above and that’s the difference Skycrew Aerial Photography has brought forth. Skycrew has a target market of resorts and hotels mainly but why limit yourself? He’s doing ads for brands, capturing the beauty of a landscape or shooting films and he’s doing it with his drone partner.

Business has been doing well, according to Shamar and he plans to explore in the near future, for better content and a larger audience.

Skycrew Aerial Photography and Vide Production is only one of the two business ventures attached to Shamar. You may have heard of Caribvybe, a recently popular brand of hats not only for St. Lucia, but the rest of the Caribbean as well.

“Caribvybe started as a movement, I wanted something that people could wear to represent St. Lucia. The whole push was for independence, and now it’s unbelievable as to how that little idea started off” This goes to show that a small idea can take you a long way but there’s a lot more in store for Skycrew Aerial Photography and Caribvybe.



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